30 December 2010

1500 Cinderbloom milled

On vent, there have been some discussion about what Cinderbloom mills into, with some speculation that drop rates may have changed.  So today, I milled 1500 of them, converting them into ink.  I now have cramped fingers and some real numbers.

The macro I used for milling is
/cast milling
/use cinderbloom

So the final results are available on my milling spreadsheet on the CinderbloomTest page, with
  • 65 Burning Ember (becoming 32.5 Inferno Inks)
  • 751 Ashen Pigments (becoming 375.5 Blackfallow Inks)
This gives 0.216 Burning Embers/ 5 herbs, vs an expected 0.25.
And 2.5 Ashen pigment/5 herbs, being the expected amount.


  1. Nice post! 75 stacks, I hope you didn't farm them yourself... =)

    But I agree that at some point they did change the "droprate" from milling since the start of Cata. I believe that happened a few weeks back.

    I am seeing that the top end herbs (twilight, whiptail, and heartblossom) are very close on the ashen, but you gain 1-2 burning embers per stack milled (which is worth it, due to Inferno's holding steady at 220ish each) Are you getting the same rate on the senior herbs?

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  2. The only farming I did was from that nice little building in the Stormwind Dwarven District, immediately opposite the bank.

    I have not conciously tracked the milling of better cata herbs. From what I have seen it is consistent with Auctioneers value 2 embers ber 20 stack of twilight jasmine.


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