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06 December 2010

Terrorism (Politics)

The US Republican Senate leader has called WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange a “high-tech terrorist”.  In my opinion the US Republican Senate leader is an ass.

I already have problems with the real and exceptionally expensive war on so called terrorism.  I can cope with a war on the enemy, but this "terrorism" is bullshit:

While I am not a lawyer, I suspect that Wikileaks might have broken copywrite law. It has published a lot of stuff that I think was written by someone else.

Wilileaks may be seditious. Every opposition party is probably seditious.

Terrorism is serious. Lots of people have died of it. For a point of reference compare the number of deaths by terrorism vs other causes. Some politicians will call those that disagree with them terrorists. This cheapens the term and makes it meaningless.

Australia's ABC News Radio has a newspoll (right hand side) about whether or not readers agree with the US Republican Senate Leader. There are no prizes for guessing my vote.

I will rarely subject readers to my political views. I know it is not what some of you are here for. I will label political posts in the title.

By today's definition, Guy Fawkes was a terrorist. One that the west has celebrated for centuries.

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