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23 December 2010

Healing is easy right?

Umm.  Not so much any more.

I am an OK tank.  Not the best out there, but good enough to keep the agro of healers most of the time, and maybe even off the DPS too.  At the risk to an overblown ego, I might even be better than that.  However, I chose tanking, because of the 3 roles (ranged DPS, Healing and Tanking), tanking came hardest to me.  (Yes I started out as your typical wannabe DK 'tank').

I am not the fastest leveller, unless professions are involved.  I have 4.9 tradeskill professions at 525 (0.9 is because tailoring is 521), maxed cooking on 3 toons, but my tank is lvl 83, and my primary healer is lvl 82.  I will start working on my second healer's tradeskills once I run out of rested on my first two toons again.

My DK tank (Foolich) was first out of the rank, with Blackrock caverns, Throne of tides and Stonecore.  Tanking these, ... well it was tanking.  Nothing particularly hard.  Plenty of opportunity to use defensive cooldowns when DPS stand in bad stuff because the healers are struggling.  Being a JC/Enchanter, most of his gear is gemmed and enchanted - maybe with older stuff, but still kept moderatly well.  By the way - Blood is fantastic to level with.  I might not burn stuff down as fast as Frost/Unholy, but ... I need my 5 year old's help to die.  There is zero downtime.

My priest healer (Foofixit) has been neglected since I did TOC.  Now - for me - that was not that long ago, but still a few months.  Fixit's gear was a mix of 200's & 232's, with maybe a couple of 'recent' badge pieces.  But the last time I went healing, ... Yawn.   According to reports, other healers considered healing to be easy.

Last night I ran my first healing instance - (pug) Throne of tides as a level 82 priest.  Umm.  Hot keys not touched since TOC, no new spells, no practice.  Umm.  One DPS died due to mishealing, and a second due to standing in bad stuff while I was being thrown in the air by a boss. No wipes. Umm. Toto, I don't Think we're In Kansas Anymore.

Looking at dungeon finder times, there is still a shortage of tanks? I can only assume that this comes because a lot of previously 25 main raids are running 5 mans.  If I recall :
  • 5 man dungeons need 20% tank, 20% heals, 60% dps; 
  • 10 mans take 20% tank, 25% heals, 55% dps, and 
  • 25 mans take 12% tanks,  25% heals, 63% dps.
Some DPS standing in fire will die.  Some healers will become discouraged.  (Some tanks will remain arrogant - but I think arrogance will be roundly beaten out of healers).  I expect that with the same quality of loot dropping from 10's as 25's, more 10's will be run (but 25's will still happen for more loot), and this is worth considering.  Guilds - while you need your tanks now, look after your healers - you will need them later.


  1. Foo....I think you mean to say

    •5 man dungeons need 20% tank, 20% heals, 60% dps;


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