09 December 2010

Levelling professions - soon

The WoW AH - in some ways - is maturing, at least on my server.

Some cata mats (admitidtly food) is down to silver, others are merely coming down.

I will be levelling my professions soon, maybe this weekend, maybe Monday/Tuesday.

Talking about levelling professions, my Ackis recipee list had not updated. It is currently in alpha for cata recipees, available via wowace, or you can update your curse client to allow 'alpha' releases by right click - preferred release type - alpha.

Alpha means very early and likely lots of bugs and missing functionality. Beta means some bugs, but most functionality is done. Production means that everything is in, with no bugs.

Of course, we all know that 'Production' quality applications never have bugs don't we.

This server will be shut down in 3 minutes for urgent mainten.........

1 comment:

  1. It could be my unscientific survey of one realm but what I am seeing is

    crash of the old chokepoint minerals like mithril and truesilver even before flying was available. Miners claim many more nodes.

    OTOH, Frostweave seems to be less available and has not crashed

    And the cloth and herb market is such that leveling is so expensive.


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