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24 December 2010

Tomorrow is a special day.

Merry Christmas, but for this post, I am thinking what this actually means.  I don't recall what happened the Christmas that Wrath was released, so this is pure speculation. 

Ok.  I expect a lot of boxes of cataclysm under various trees.  So - a lot more Worgen, Goblins and starter zones.  Whatever sold well the first time round should sell tomorrow as well.  Bags, maybe water breathing elixirs for Vashir.  Those that start tomorrow are likely to be kids, possibly with gold from wealthy benefactors, or well wishers.  Pets will probably move.

It is still festival, so there should be an additonal focus on completing the outstanding achievements.

Casual farmers/tradeskillers are likely to stop farming, so I also expect the auction house to be 'off' with both bargains and sales opportunities. 

Single players - especially teenagers, will be playing in the afternoon with a vengeance.  PVP gear and battleground supplies might sell OK?

Happy Winters Veil

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