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10 December 2010

Readership, a Glyph update, and the illusion of independance


We all are a little distracted at the moment. It happens. The quality of posts on gold blogs is down, as is readership:

Website%Change Month to Date%Change Week to Date

So, for both of you that are still reading blogs, ...

I do not understand what is happening.  Where are the purchasers?  Where are the sellers?  For me at least, Glyphmas part 2 has not happened. 

Possibly this is due to setting prices in the 50-100g bracket (I only want to sell best profit glyphs at the moment).  I split my glyphs into 3 groups : Best sellers, OK sellers and poor sellers.  At the moment my previous Best selling glyphs are not even being listed; thats OK, lots of competition explains this. 

Some of my OK glyphs are being listed, without sales.  Most of my poor selling glyphs are being listed - with very little - if any competition, but still not selling. Mmm.  Distractions.

Maybe that is it.  So many distractions and players are not bothering to either list or purchase glyphs. 

The Illusion of independance
As I have said before, Blizzard is discouraging both micro-guilds and running a majority of out of guild 5 mans and dungeons, so I have been guild shopping. I didn't realise that I was so fussy.
  • Family friendly.
  • Large enough to keep regulars busy, and get various forms of guild achievements.
  • Small enough for me to invite toons yet still know everyone.
Last night I left Death's Head.  The gulf between a guild for primarily 17-23 year olds and family friendly seemed too large.  I have a standard of behaviour that I expect.  I am happy to run with any of them, providing the attempt is made.  My thanks to the players that tried.  In regard to a few of the players, absence will make the heart grow fonder.

I think I have found a guild that I should be compatible with.  They have an active blogger that the majority of readers here will be familiar with.  However, from our conversation last night, it is clear that I will not have the autonomy that I am used to, especially in terms of inviting toons.  In reality I don't invite a lot of strangers to guild, and the majority of players I do invite want to raid more than once a week (hence only having a few raiders in Arozcaldo).  The truth be told - I am feeling 'gun shy'.  Right now, I wish Blizzard did not implement the guild changes.  Let's see if I move beyond asking questions and join this new guild.


  1. Foo,

    I hate to see that you are not listing glyphs like it was glyphmas (although we won't see that again, unless Blizz adds new and better ones with Blackfallow Ink). I continute to list on a 48hr up to 5 of every glyph (make sure you use a wide variety). I am still selling them consistently, and checking the AH multiple (three to four) times a day when I can (for the undercutters). Just FYI. If you aren't posting them, someone else is. Especially with Cata Weekend coming, get em up!


  2. Sorry - by saying that I am not listing - I mean that the competition is selling below my prices.

    I am current time stressed. This means I am trying to sell higher profit items. It seems that for some things the market is following me, but in other areas it is leaving me behind.

  3. Gotcha. Not sure what how you are listing, but for glyphs I put up 5 of each glyph (ink of the seas- because I have a TON left) in the morn, midday, and night. Of course there are the undercuts, but I am still selling quite a bit of them. I guess I look at it as inks are only selling for 2g each, any glyph that sells for more than 7g I profit (which most are selling 40-150g). Not sure if that will work on your server, but you might want to try it...

  4. Time became a big issue for me when posting Glyphs - maybe in a different way.

    I post 2-3 times a day on a 24 hour auction (because I can't always be certain when I'll be able to get back to repost). Undercutting abounds, so I always cancel and repost, with a 1c undercut. I sell 15~20 glyphs a day, only posting above my threshold.

    Where I lost a lot of time was waiting for mailbox refreshes. A lot of these were due to posting 4-5 of each glyph, and then canceling to undercut. Given my recent sales, I dialed back to 2 of each glyph, and I've been able to collect cancels in a single sweep of the mailbox.


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