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22 December 2010

Milling spreadsheet

As what might come to an absolute shock to regular readers, I have been playing with glyphs.  (Ok absolute shock might not be the right term).  Some of you may have read that I converted a lot of Ink of the Sea into other inks before patch 4.0.  I am running out of some of those inks, and in the main, blackfallow inks are still to expensive to trade down.

So, I have been buying older herbs and milling, for fun and profit.  I had an instinctive feel for how much to pay for northrend herbs, but very little 'feel' for older herbs, and blackfallow inks are still expensive.  So like any good min/maxer, I wrote a spreadsheet for milling.  It is written as a google docs spreadsheet.  If you use google docs, you can 'make a copy'.  If you use Excel or OpenOffice, you can download it.

Auctioneer's milling values seem to be based on the value of pigments.  Pigments are rarely traded at a reasonable value.  Consider selling the odd pigment for a 'reasonalbe' value.

Enter 'your' values for herbs, pigments and inks.  If the 'markeup' column is green (high profit), mill it.  If it is red (loss), avoid it.  If the markup is white (no profit) or yellow(small profit), consider it if you must.

This spreadsheet is still to be considered 'beta' quality.  I am still finding a few mistakes in it, but as a whole it works for me.

Have fun


  1. Good Job! I'll test it out tonight when I get back from work!

  2. Thanks ^^ This seems very useful!
    I'll test it soon :)

  3. Nicely done. They way you did cost ratios and markup value is pretty sophisticated. I like how you can tweak both herb value and ink value to find a buy and or sale price.

    A couple of your odds should be altered a little bit. Herbs with an ilvl ending in 7 and above drop 3 normal pigments and .5 rare pigments per mill. Some herbs are listed with low (2.5/.25) milling values (Lichbloom, Nightmare Vine, Wintersbite, Mana Thistle, some others).

  4. Charlie, interesting point about the iLevel of herbs. I went through awhile back when I made my spreadsheet, and did my own analysis of each herb, but never mapped it to the iLevel.

    Mountain Silversage, which is iLevel 56, also averages 3 pigments, rather than 2.5, while Sungrass at 46, averages 2.5. So it seems iLevel x7-x0 is the range for the 3.0 average, but sometimes x6 as well.

  5. Also, Kingsblood, at iLvl 24, averages 3.0, but Dreamfoil, at iLvl 54, average 2.5. I guess the formula isn't perfect.

  6. Thanks. Comments about things to fix are very welcome.

    I have changed lichbloom, Nightmare vine, Wintersbite, Mana thistle, Mountain silversage and a 'couple others'.

    I can't find Wintersbite on the AH, or in my alchemy recipee book anymore. It seems to be replaced with Dragon's teeth for the frost oil potion. Does it still exist?

  7. You are correct. Wintersbite was renamed to Dragon's Teeth. Likewise, Plaguebloom was renamed to Sorrowmoss. I don't know why. Everything else about them remained the same, even their item number. /shrug

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