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18 December 2010

Buying for the future

At the moment a lot of players are madly levelling up tradeskills.

For example, and enchanter I know has 520 skill, trying to get to 525.  The mats are costing him about 500g per point, and he can only sell the scroll for 40g.  This is only sustainable while tradeskills are being levelled.

One day soon, there will be less toons levelling enchanting.  As I didn't pay much attention during the start of Wrath, I dont know how long this rush of tradeskill levelling phase will last.  What I do know is that in the long term, either mats will come down, or the cost of the scrolls will go up; probably both.

I have always been a contrarian investor - sell during panic buys, and buy during panic sells.  On average this has worked well.  I advocated hanging onto snowfall ink when the price fell to a few gold each.  On my server, snowfall ink is now selling for 13g.

I don't know what the long term prices of items will be, but it does seem that some items are currently oversold, and that oversupply will dry up. 

It may be time to go shopping.


  1. Depending on the server, of course... yesterday I was browsing enchanting scrolls and saw some of the new enchants selling low enough that it was not only under what the mats cost... it was fairly under what I think the mats will end up costing in the future!

    So I bought them out and will stash them away for a bit. Maybe they'll always be leveling patterns and sold at a horrible loss, but there's always some risk.

  2. @Indi
    This is something I thought about for a while...
    For now I'm keeping the scrolls I made leveling enchanting, on the assumption their price will raise, but for the same assumption I should be buying those under-priced scrolls that flood the AH.


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