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17 December 2010

Volatile Air

We all want to have 525 tradeskills, and be working on paterns for heroic dungeons.
And I am sure at the top for some professions there will be gold to make.

However, to make those high end patterns: (A) toons need to get to 520 (or near enough), and (B) someone needs to make the underlying mats.

So much relies on volatile air: Engineers need electified ether, I hear that blacksmiths need it too.  Tonight I used my Alchy transmute to ensure I made volatile air.  Bought the mats for about 200g, paid 20g for a teleport to Theramore and flew down to Uldum (my alchemist is still 80, with no cata quests except cooking and fishing).  Aparently transmutes of volatile life in Uldum guarantee air.

The transmute netted 16 air, which I listed for 200g each.  Within 10 minutes 12 had sold.

This is a market worth watching, especially if you have an alchemy alt you are happy to park in/near Uldum.


  1. I was going to say you are crazy for not transmuting truegold (about 1k profit on my server assuming no proc). But your v. air is going for 200g?! That's too much profit to pass up, for sure. My server(s) have plenty (~400/day) of v. air for 40g, so I'm sticking with truegold for now.

  2. Unfortunately we've got the worst of both worlds compared to yourself and Charlie; our Air's about 40g as well while our Truegold is about 100g over mats cost, assuming no procs.

    My plan for the transmute is to transmute something, often air, to craft with, as opposed to selling the raw volatiles. Right now that's Personal World Destroyers. :D

  3. So, how do you send your transmutes from Uldum with this alt? There are no mailboxes until you have higher rep...

  4. @Charlie & Faid: I dont fully understand the market yet, which means that I am checking the AH before transmuting. Some days the truegold shows a loss. Most days the volatile transmute is worth it.

    I am transmuting whatever works on the day.

    @anon. Failing anything else, pick up the first flight path in uldum, the flight path at the south of tanaris and gadgetzan. There is a mailbox in gadgetzan


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