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08 December 2010

Professions and guild drama

Random notes from day 2.  (No in depth analysis at the moment - not enough time either RL or in game)

You may have noticed that the prices of mats are dropping - fast.  This is because there are some players who must have max professions now.  These players are mostly loosing a lot of gold for the privlidge, with most of their items selling well below mats price.

Mats are not free just because you farmed them.  They have a price according to their current value on the AH.  If you wont (max) level your tradeskills for 3 days, sell your mats now, and buy them back later.  Your gold reserves will thank you.

Wek spent about 15k on a server first in Alchemy.  Grats to Wek, but it cost him a bucket.  I expect to spend much less in a few days.

Guild's are interesting.  With Cata ... penalising micro guilds, I have joined a larger guild.  I may have made a poor choice, time will tell. 
I have two children that also play WoW, and for better or for worse, we come as a package.  By raiding standards, I am also a part time raider.  I don't do much grinding of dungeons, preferring to run everything in order.  My raiding night is Saturday, with liberal use of raid extensions, but will run some dungeons throughout the week.  My requirements are:
  • Caelestraz Alliance. Too many toons to move
  • Toons to fish : I want the new fish feast recipee, and guild fishing of 10,000 fish is a bit much for me by myself.
  • A guild large enough to be able to get a Lvl 85 of every class, for the Stormwind teleport cloak.
  • (mostly) PG guild chat.  Innuendo is fine - I use it a lot, but if I don't want to hear my sons saying it, I dont want to read it. The same goes for vent.
  • A place for alts.  I have 1 tank, 2 heals and a DPS, all with max WoLK skills, and will have max Cata skills soon.
  • A place for my kids. My younger child is prone to randomly spam party invites, and is on occasion very chatty on vent. I wont be offended if he is occasionally ignored. My older child is mostly harmless.
  • Understand I raid Saturday nights, and am more likely to extend than allow a reset.
  • I have some other players that I raided cata with that I may be bringing with me
My preferences are:
  • A guild small enough for me to know (at least in passing) the majority of members
  • An active voice (vent/mumble/whatever) culture - or be willing to try one.  (I maintain a vent server).
  • A healer or two willing to heal my tank. Failing that, a tank or two for my healer.
  • Takes raiding serious enough to do basic research, and at least try not to stand in the fire.
  • Understands that many players do not just 'get' things.  (I wipe very well), or have very bad lag.
  • Privlidges to invite to guild vetted pugs that I want to run on saturdays with

I really like running with my new guild's GM. Regardless of starting late, we ran a significant portion of ICC togehter, with a majority of players in his guild. In fact he poached the majority of my players (I am fine with that - I don't raid enough to justify monopolising players time).

However, I can be a curmudgeonly old sod.  The expectation that I will either put up with foul language or not be included in the social aspect of the guild is grating.

I would like to turn the guild I recently joined into something that meets my requirements, but if not, will explore my options.


  1. "Wek spent about 15k on a server first in Alchemy. Grats to Wek, but it cost him a bucket. I expect to spend much less in a few days" Do not forget I got that lovely period where there was no competition, making back a good portion and am still making back my costs :)

  2. I expect that it would cost 5-7 k on monday to level the professon.

    If you have not sold stuff worth 8-10k between now and tuesday, it is still sunk gold.

    So - the aim is to try and make that gold back.

  3. Isn't 15k "simply nothing" for the wow millionaires? I'd expect a lot of ppl to be ready to spend even 500k gold for realm first things.

    I've spent ~250k at the start of WotLK to level enchanting (back when the mats were very rare on AH so had to DE rare items and back when enchants costed a lot of mats, before blizz adjusted them) and did NOT got realm first enchanting back.

    For Cataclysm, I've spent under 100k gold to level 4 professions to 525 on 7th dec, got realm first on enchanting and inscription too.

    Things to note: for wotlk, 250k was all my gold, while for cata I had 750k ready to spend, but didn't even spent 100k and got 2 realm firsts on the way too. This is an odd thing, really.


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