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13 December 2010

Weekend observations

On Caelestrasz, herbs are now cheap enough for me to mill for fun & profit (and levelling inscription and alchemy), specifically Cinderbloom and Stormvine, at a significant profit margin.

I am mildly envious of both those who have time &  lack of distractions to play during the day, and the focus not to succumb to distractions.  My most advanced toon - Foolich, is now level 81. 
That said, I have Alchemy at 525, waiting on one more JC daily before nudging it up, and am 1/2 way there on Inscription. 

Transmuting alchemy seemed to be the most economical way to level it, with the resulting products being the same (or higher) value that the source materials.  I am not sure I want to play in the potions, elixir or flask markets at the moment, (though some flasks & elixirs seem OK).

Inscription has a forged document for me to level with.  I ... am not sure this is ethical.  Walking up to an NPC, with 'proof' that he gave someone food poisoning, and aksing to be paid off seems ..., well it is not 'nice'.  I can be 'not nice', Taking advantage of an NPC = good, while taking advantage of a game mechanic = bad? Mmmm.  Oh well, off to slay a few thousand pixelated people.  With Inferno ink selling for 200g+ each, I want to be sure I am not throwing thousands of gold away for a few points, so foofixit's conscience may just have to be paid off.

JC dailies are OK.  I've heard concern about the cost of doing the dailies, but it does not seem as expensive for me - possibly because I started a few days later.  Prospect your own ore, moving up to Elementium ore as soon as you can.  (If I recall, Saronite ore was almost always cheaper than Cobalt ore).  It also seems that vendors like cut green quality gems more than the AH.

On the guild front; after hints and concerns (both mine and theirs), I joined Breevok's guild - More than Raids, and have tanked a grand total of 1 instance (Blackrock Caverns).  In fairness to More than Raids my concerns were 'Oh my goodness, I don't have control'.  When I blogged about this, it immediately set up a red flag on their behalf as well.  I still don't have control, but so far that's OK.  The guild seems to be a good fit.


  1. Well its good to hear you think MTRs is a good fit. I have no doubt you'll fit in well, and it might be nice to take the back seat for a while. Give you more time to come up with counter arguments for our discussions :P

  2. Me? I am a quiet mouse sitting in the background. Never argue with anyone.


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