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15 December 2010

Out of traction, back in action

I have been spending too much, for too long, and not earning enough.

I have to purchase gear to for a single evening of attempts at lich king, tradeskilling up, purchasing cheap old world mats (my banks are still bulging at the seems), and generally acting as if I had bottomless wealth. 

I still have gold, but have hit a point where I am uncomfortable.

  • In glyphs, I still have too much stock and not enough sales.  That is an easy thing to fix.
  • My Auctioneer suite (Enchantrix I think) does not know what cata gear disenchants into.  There is a beta download of the suite at http://auctioneeraddon.com/dl/?dl=Preview/AuctioneerSuite-5.10.5043.zip
  • Market imbalances.  They are all over the place at the moment.  There is money working out what is needed alliance/horde side, converting scraps -> leather -> heavy leather, smelting, prospecting, milling, disenchanting, lesser <-> greater enchanting mats.
I still am not planning on selling northrend many mats, there are just too many in the market; and I will wait for the inevitable re-rolls that will come soon, as classes lose/gain favour, and toons get to 85 and are 'sufficiently' geard (whatever that means).


  1. I'm interested in the difficulty you've had with glyphs. On my server I have had the opposite experience - after a briefly explosive glyphmas (about 24 hours worth) prices and sales both tanked. At any given time from 1 day after 4.0 through the shattering till release, about 70% of the glyphs were selling for 10-15g each (about 50% of the then current mat cost--though recognizing people were selling based on their acquisition costs, not replacement) and competition was fierce.

    Since release though, competition has just dried up, prices are on a steady rise, and I'm pulling in ~8k in sales per day for the past week. I'm shocked at how good it is, and can't believe that the prices won't lure the competition back soon.

    My plan is to milk it as much as possible for another week, while the competition is leveling or sleeping or where ever they went, and then lock the prices in at a nice healthy but less attractive level.

  2. I was one of those that had, abandoned the cheap end of the market, and was selling glyphs at 50g each. I now my glyph mojo back.


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