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03 December 2010

Making gold - Writer's cramp

Inscription is like that.  Milling and Writing.  Again and again. Read the setup post for information on recommended addons.

This is about my 4th draft of this post. There are disavantages to being intimately involved in a profession. This draft has been published - whether it's ready or not.

This profession is yesterday's golden haired child.  More gold caps have been made via inscription than via any other profession. It became flavour of the month.  But now that young tanned 'hard body' is now old, flabby and is worried about skin cancer.  That's OK, there's plenty of money left in it.  I have made about 1/2 of all my gold with this profession.

  • Will make gold from new toons.
  • New toons have aboout 30 glyphs to learn - gotta catch em all.
  • A long startup time to keep out competition 
  • Good gold making for levelling players
  • Potential for huge markups
  • A changing profession
  • Too many players in the market, with very heavy competition on most glyphs
  • Once a player has caught em all - very little left to sell
  • A long startup time to keep you out
  • If you want to sell it all, you may need 3 posting toons
  • Time consuming (Edit )
If you wish to take up this skill, do your research (minor and major) and read up on your glyph mastery.   Do each research every day untill you stop learning glyphs, and start researching again after patches (I discovered I was missing a minor glyph last night). If you know everything from glyph mastery, you will not be able to consume your book.

On our server, there are several scribes that list every glyph above their threshold - with the only difference being the threshold.  I have 3 'ideal' thresholds, from 0 profit for glyphs I am overstocked on, to a minimum 8g profit on 'best sellers'

Levelling scribes should do your research and read this post by Breevok.  Also keep an eye out for cheaply priced herbs to mill and sell on the AH.  One day Blackfallow Ink will be available and cheap enough to trade down (Jessia Sellors in Dalaran, not sure who else), but in the meantime you should check the AH for correct herbs/look for a herbalist.

For scribes, I do not consider that you are at 'maximum' level until you have completed all your research (Minor + Major + Books of Glyph Mastery), regardless of your skill level.  When first entering the glyph market, look at the expensive glyphs on your AH; make + sell those.

As you get up in levels, consider novelty items like the off hands that turn you into wolves.

Start regularly crafting and selling your money making glyphs. For something different, mill herbs and sell them where milling is profitable. Be warned - the auction prices for pigments is inaccurate. No one buys pigments.

Max Level scribes should consider two more addons:
  • Enhanced tradeskill window : Gnomeworks WowAce (Not yet on curse? You may need to manually install it)
  • Queing making tool : KTQ curse or CurseForge
  • Yet another auction poster : APM curse or Curseforge(or ZeroAuctions)
  • Multiple toon/account inventory : Altoholic curse or Curseforge
My thanks to the authors of these addons.  Gnomeworks does not play nicely with multiple accounts, but adding in KTQ + Althoholic works a treat. In order to keep this post to a vaguely reasonable size, I will post later on how I make glyphs.

You need to sell the most expensive glyphs that are on your server.  This traditionally does not involve too many vendor taught recipees - but I am always surprised. As always - get all the recipees (Ackis Recipee List) and sell if it makes a profit.

Consider darkmoon cards. The pricing and manufacture of darkmoon cards requires it's own post, with a lot of gold made and lost on these. (For the record I left the darkmoon card market when other trinkets became relatively easily available)

Blizzard has other plans to give us goldmaking, but I am reserving judgement.

Theres gold in them inscription hills, but by the great goblin - you'll hafta to work for it.


  1. Hey Foo - a couple comments. I didn't see you mention ATSW (which is what I currently use). How does that compare to KTQ? Also, how do you streamline milling herbs?

    Last - I'm a leveling scribe with a small stockpile of glyphs to sell, so in the last few days before Cata, I've raised my threshold to 40g (~30g profit). The idea here is that I'm anticipating a big spike in demand, and will forego smaller profits today for bigger profits next week.

  2. @stede
    I use Gnomeworks instead of ATSW. I am not sure of the different advantages, apart from knowing that KTQ works with it.

    Gnomeworks processes queues; KTQ creates the queues.

    The process works soemthink like:
    Open inscription (showing my Gnomeworks)
    /ktq queue 20 glyphs

    This means that for any individual glyph if I have (on any toon):
    * 20+ glyphs, I dont queue glyphs
    * 15 glyphs, I queue 5 glyphs
    * 0 glyphs, I queue 20

    While you are levelling, do your daily minor and major inscription research as a priority. (You can catch up on glyph mastery books as gold allows). A 40g threshold makes a lot of sense. There will be an increased demand over the next few weeks. (How long and how much competing supply are still to be shown)

    I however question a 10g 'cost' for some glyphs (jadefire ink?) Some inks are in short supply and you may be able to sell them for 8-10g each.

  3. I think you didn't mention the biggest drawback of Inscription: It eats your time, seriously!

    One posting session will take 20-30 minutes for me, as I'll have to wait for my mailbox a thousand times. This will net 1000-2000 gold in the first two hours or so.

    By then, 80% of my Glyphs will be undercut and I would have to repost all again (bye bye 30min).

    Really, I've been focusing more on other professions, as it's just so much quicker to post 5-10 minutes for every profession and still get those 1-2k gold a day out of each one.


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