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04 January 2011

Back to work

At work I sit, already tired
Auctions sold out, undercut, or expired.

I have been more upbeat on glyphs than most of the gold makers.  In part due to others deciding that glyphs were on a dead end path, other distractions, and some moderatly agressive undercutting, I have recently been earning a lot of gold out of glyphs.  I have generally earned a living from glyphs, but now I am earning a life style, with many glyphs regularly selling for 75g, in what was a very crowded market.

A lot of alts are being levelled, which I think helps, as does an exhaustion of some pre 4.0 glyph & ink stockpiles.  I am now busily buying herbs for inks that I am short on for 1-2g, northrend herbs at 50s, and other glyph herbs at less than 1g.  With the exception of snowfall Ink, I have stopped selling 'rare' inks due to the price being below what I think the long term price will be.

As I have struggled to keep up with my glyph making, I am not participating as much in other markets as I thought I might, and have again outsourced my milling, for about 1g / ink, and convert Blackfallow ink as necessary.  I have also decided (for the time being) not to participate in the darkmoon faire cards, as with some trinkets apparently being available for rep, I think they will be seen as overpriced.

If you have a scribe without the profitable glyps, consider milling and ink making.  Assuming you have multiple glyph sellers, picking up cheap herbs and milling can be very profitiable, if somewhat lacking in glamour.  (The same applies to bolts of cloth for tailors).  I have also noticed a fairly large converstion opportunity for Blackfallow Ink to Inferno Ink via Jessica Sellers in Dalaran (on my server about 50g in 230g).

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