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09 January 2011

Cata Alchemy flasks are probably a bad idea

The Darkmoon Faire has finished, so there should be more cata herbs available for alchemy.

However, there is a new herb sink with the recent changes to the guild achievement Mix Master, allowing guild members to learn the 'Couldron of Battle'.  10,000 flasks was a big ask, but with the recent reduction down to 1000 flasks, this is now affordable - for those with deep pockets.  The guild I am in is Level 11 with Chug a Lug (bonus flask duration), so Guild Cauldrons have become even more attractive.  But 1000 flasks is still a lot of herbs and a bit of volatile life.  Flasks also sell for less than mats (and personlly I prefer two elixirs - the total buff is meant to be better).

Each guild needs 1000 cataclysm flasks.  Each flask takes 24 herbs, and 6 volatile life.  24,000 herbs + 6000 life is a lot for each guild to pull out of the auction house.

If you are not an achievement junky, check your prices before making flasks.  Of course, if you are after the achievement, go for it.

One final note: Gold bloggers occasionally talk about resetting prices on the AH, with the biggest drawback being offloading your excess stock, plus other players unloading theirs at the new prices.  With purchasing herbs for Mix Master there is every chance you will reset the AH prices, possibly draining other players stockpiles.  It will take a while for the AH to 'respawn' replacement herbs.  If you finally end up with too many herbs, sell your excess back at the new prices.


  1. I know my guild isn't concerned with it right now so I am not either but I wonder as more and more guild goals get reached that they will start burning achievements.

    It was the same for me personally, once I got everything done I needed to after each expansion or major content patch I would start working on achievements. Guild mentality would likely follow this as well.

  2. Flasks on my server are running ≈300g each. With daily quests giving between 10g and 20g each that means that each guild member would need to do ≈20 daily quests to pay for a flask for two hours of raiding. Add another two hours of raiding and repair costs for countless wipes and a night of raiding could easily run you upwards of 1000g.

    This kind of cost is untenable, the only thing that is currently keeping the prices on herbs at their currently insane height is Darkmoon decks.

    I find it surprising that Blizzard didn't implement a system to allow scribes to craft certain cards (e.g. a random card from a certain deck) to alleviate this kind of pricing problem, it would also allow scribes to cater to their specific server market, making more melee decks or healer decks instead of wasting money on decks no one wants.

    As it is, Inscription continues to pound alchemy into the ground on profitability and sustainability. There is simply no way that alchemy will become profitable in the near future with the way inscription is set up.

  3. I just want to echo what Skwidspawn said. At the last faire, I have to believe DM cards dwarfed the herbs going into alchemy. I milled at least a thousand stacks, 20k herbs and I was running my snatch list several times a day; herb prices were *not* going to drop below my snatch price.

    And I am surprised at the number of mysterious fortune cards there are, which will also consume herbs. And now that I know fortune cookie will give the card back, I may switch to that as my buff food.


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