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24 January 2011

A trolling we will go

Theres nothing I hate more than bloggers whining about things they hate.

I keep finding excuses to delay doing Heroics.  I don't have time during the week, and had been running Glory of Ulduar on Saturday nights.  There is never a healer on.  I won't do Raids till I complete the heroics.  Excuses galore.

(Safe for work, but maybe not for your ego) Read more
  • "Heroics are too easy." : Buy Cata already.
  • "Healers never go OOM." : Buy Cata already.
  • "There are not enough dungeons." : Go complete the ones you have skipped
  • "Heroics are too hard." Run normal dungeons or go do some dailies.
  • "Dungeons are too hard." Stop being a whiner, and gem & enchant that gear you slacker. Buy some food, potions and elixirs.
  • "Healing everyone is too hard." Let fire dancing monkeys die.
  • "I hate Stonecore." Choose your instance dammit. You got it because you chose 'Random' and its the only instance you have discovered.
  • "Instances are too long." Go run Vortex Pinacle - it has 3 bosses. Learn how to choose an instance
  • "This dungeon is too long." Stay as long as you want then just bail.
  • "Instances are too short." Run Grim Batol. - It has a bazillion bosses. Learn how to choose an instance
  • "My queue is too long." You are a DPS and we just dont need you. Roll a tank. Roll a healer. Either that or suck up to a tank or healer and queue with them.
  • "I wanna pwn recount." You are a DPS and we dont like you. Learn how to Crowd Control.
  • "I want my easy badges/points." Grow up. You might have to work for these things now.
Have I offended you yet.  Don't worry, I offended me too. 

I have successfully tanked 3 Heroics and all the Cata normal dungeons.  I have healed 3 normal instances (the first one was barely acceptable, the next two were fine).  My healer is now 'geared' for Heroics - with only a couple of PVP pieces.  Both my tank and healer are gemmed, enchanted, and are using 2 * tradeskill profession bonuses.

My goal for this week is to stop being a slacker.  I can't run heroics during the day, or even every night  - real life interferes.  But by this time next week, I intend to tank or heal at least 3 heroics.  Failing, skipping optional bosses, or even not completing them are options.  Not completing them is an option.  Not stepping into them - well that is just me being slack.


  1. That's a refreshing post right there - thanks Foo ; )


  2. Just get going. They get easy real fast, when you get some gear and experience. With a guild group we burn through them in less than half an hour with minimal CC.

  3. People are so dead set on getting their Valor Points they fail to do any cost-benefit analysis: is it worth wiping a dozen times on a dungeon you're not ready for just for 70 VP? I wrote about this too:


    I also appreciate the point about not needing to complete the whole dungeon every time. Not enough time to complete a raid? Take down one boss or run a heroic. Not enough time for a heroic dungeon? Take down one or two bosses in a heroic dungeon.

    I think the automatic, all or nothing mentality comes from the Puritan ethic of eating all the food on your plate - even if you are full!


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