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14 January 2011

Why run unwanted content?

A commercial WoW blog had an article about people level capped players being put into instances that they outgear via the dungeon finder.  Twice in a row.

If dungeon finder puts you in an unwanted dungeon, start specifying what you want to run.  It's easy.  You miss out on a couple of points for gear - so what?

I am not the most active of raiders/dungeon runners and I have zero problems with getting gear.  I run instances/raids for the following reasons:
  • I have not yet completed it as that role (eg I have not yet run many heroics, or my tank wont run it anymore, but my healer will)
  • I have completed it, but want to practice a specific mechanic
  • It is a training run for a healer or tank
  • I am being sociable
Admitidly, it is nice having gold to buy pretty stuff from the AH, and I have bought a few blue items for my tank (Foolich).  Use your profession bonuses to 'gear yourself up' - whether that is Jewelcrafting and Enchanting, or even Herbalism and Mining (an hour or two of this will earn you gold for gear)
However even on the very limited (in comparison to my peers) dungeon runs I have still managed to get a badge piece. 

Easy fixed.  If random dungeon finder doesn't give what you want, choose your dungeons. 


  1. Why didn't you just say the name of the website? Everyone knows what is is anyway, lol.

  2. I got it on the first guess! Completely agree with you Foo, people shouldn't whine about being put somewhere when it's the RANDOM dungeon finder.


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