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You are most likely here because you enjoy crafting. I have been reading up on some of the WoW issues regarding gold making, which make me realize that WoW is not the game for me.

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11 January 2011

Personal milestones

Congratulations to Breevok for 50% of his milestone.

Breevok gives me something to work to.  I am good at making gold..  Breevok, at the moment, is better.  This will change :)

Not only do I enjoy the gold sub-game, it also gives me the ability to save up and say 'I want that'.  Some grind dungeons, do dailies, farm for mats.  I farm the auction house.

There are two recent purchases I am pleased with, milestones of my own.  First of all was the Heroic dungeon gear.  Foolich hit 85, completed all of the normal dungeons (once), hit the auction house and had my gear for heroics, gemmed and enchanted.  Admitidly it has some reslience which I intend to replace, but oh well.  Now all I need is time to do heroics.

The second purchase was toward Mix Master.  The guild was already a long way towards this before I realised it.  Seeing it was achievable, I gutted my farming spot, and put a dent in my horde 'backup' farming spot as well.  Regardless of whether I should or not, I like my recipees.  I purchased the herbs, and then made, far too many flasks.  I spent too much, and had a great time doing so.  Even after my spending spree, the guild was 50 flasks or so short.  A great thing about being in a guild with others that work toward common goals is that it didn't matter, someone else picked up the baton, and when I logged in today, we had Mix Master. 

Now, all I need to do is work my alchemist (Foosecond) up to 'friendly' with the guild (nearly there).

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