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05 January 2011

1500 Twilight Jasmine milled

TL:DR 0.5 Burning Embers/5 Twilight Jasmine; 3 Ashen pigment/5 Twilight Jasmine - just like auctioneer said.

I milled these herbs in a controlled manner because (a) some were interested , and (b) another guildy though the numbers seemed higher.  I also want to know what my costs are.

I stockpiled 1500 Twilight Jasmine (had to grab some off the horde AH), and milled them, with the results on my milling spreadsheet.  This is very similar to what I did with cinderbloom.  Results are what Auctioneer suggested.
  • 164 burning embers becoming 82 inferno inks
  • 916 ashen pigment becoming 458 blackfallow inks 
 This gives 0.548 burning embers/ 5 herbs (vs an expected 0.5), and 3.05 Ashen pigment/5 herbs (vs an expected 3.0)


  1. Question Foo
    By the way thank you for the two post on milling. Do you know of a way I can do something like this but with ore? Thanks for your dedication Big Fan

  2. @anonymous

    Pick the ore you want to prospect (obsidium ore or elementium ore), buy lots.

    Use your jewelcrafter (or hire one), empty your bags of most things (apart from the ore) and set up a macro:
    /cast prospecting
    /use obsidium ore

    /cast prospecting
    /use elementium ore

    You can then bind this macro to a hotkey or button press.


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