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08 January 2011

When to use Auctioneer instead of APM/ZA

I use both Auctioneer and Auction Profit Master to post auctions.  The last time this conversation occured on the bloggospehere, the majority of bloggers were in support of QA3 (the precursor to Auction Profit Master & Zero Auctions).

I continue to use Auction Profit Master where I know the market and am comfortable setting prices.  Glyphs are fairly easy.  I know my costs - which are similar by ink type, and I know what sells well and sells poorly.

However, I am currently using pure Auctioneer a lot more.  There are two points I really care about market trends - when I am crafting items, and when I am selling them.  When I am selling items at the AH, the Appraiser tab lets me see market trends easily.

At the moment, with the exception of glyphs, I am selling stuff using Auctioneer's apraiser tab.

  • Refresh All (Alt + Refresh button)
  • Look at items (edit) that are Yellow, Orange or Red in price, and post most of these.  Sometimes I will Enable price matching.  Sometimes I will even set a fixed price (with or without price matching).  Other times I will do neither.
  • Commodity items that are bought in bulk and sell (or not) regardless of the cheapeset buyout (mostly cloth and stone), I tend to sell for market price without price matching.
  • Some seasonal items that are 'blue' in price will be added to my snatch list and I will buy out.  (small eggs in particlular)
I am not currently using Batch Posting, though I have had a lot of success with it in the past.

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