25 October 2010

A strange trip

I am not always 'productive' in WoW.  We might like to think that saving 5k on fast flying is good deal, but I strongly suspect that my gold/hour from achievements is aweful.

One of the first projects I had was to collect cooking recipees and eat and drink all the samples of food, on my first toon on my own account (Foosecond)  So, off to Brewfest I went (before the days of 'achievements'), and then to Pilgrims festival, as well as a bit of pottering around.  I completed last years Brewmaster to get brew of the month, but didn't bother much with Hallow's End.

Then when Pilgrims festival turned up (more cooking recipees), I decided to look harder at a long strange trip.  Tips I have picked up:
  • WoW Insider has a great resource for all of the festivals, it makes it a lot easier.
  • Keep an eye on upcoming festivals and prepare what you can ahead of time.
  • The AH is your friend, both as buyer and seller.
  • I do respec/glyph for PVP, but apart from that, I largely fail at PVP.  While I am achievement hunting in a BG, my only concern is that achievement.  Once I have it, I will finish the battleground and attempt to work for the group.  It is well worth oranising a PVP if you want the PVP achievements.
  • Random Number Generators can be 'mean', but given enough opportunity will play nice.
The last item I needed was the Sinister Squashling pet, and will confess to being concerned about the drop rate (rumour said 7% of the HH instance, 1% from an inkeeper treat, and 1% from putting out the fire in small town).

However yesterday afternoon after fulfilling my duties on the volunteer country fire fighter service, the pet dropped.

I'm done.  Goldshire can burn to ashes

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  1. I got the 'Long Strange Trip' achievement on my main when it was first possible to do so. In the process, I came to loathe holidays. When Blizzard first announced the new tier of flying, 5000g for 310%, my first reaction was 'oh thank god! I'll never have to do another holiday!'

    The PVP achievements were probably the biggest factor in the burnout, for me anyway.


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