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27 October 2010

Glyphs missing and pricing

Looking at the patch notes from last night, it appears that the missing glyphs are still missing (writing this over lunch at work). Good news for me - I still have too many glyphs of mage armor.  I am currently selling these at 350g Alliance side, and 250g Horde side, subject to demand and supply.  At various times, I advertise them in trade "Glyph of Mage Armor in AH.  Very limited supply (Scribes can not make any more)".  Taking an each way bet about when Blizzard will fix this, over a 3 week period, it is my intention to only have 5 of these, selling the rest before Cata.

Herbs are now available.  Not at old prices, but getting there.  I buy ink (generally from Wek), but I am now squeezing him down to 2g50 per ink (either snowfall or ink of the sea).  He balked at the new prices, but that is where I think they are heading.  I have a moderate stockpile of inks (1.5 guild bank tabs), looking to fill up to 3 tabs with cheap inks between now and Cata.  On that note, remember to convert the majority of ink of the sea down to a mix other inks between now and Cata, as it appears that Jessica will only play nice until then.

I am planning to sit on the snowfall ink to sell after Cata, and will be content to carry up to one guild bank tab of them.

I am currently pricing inks at 5g (a small discount on the AH), with re-crafting costs of about 16g.  With a couple of exceptions I post daily with a 21g threshold 90g fallback, 2 each, 48 hours, no autofallback; pulling 2.5-3K in daily sales.  I intend to tweak this further.

I want to hit Cataclysm with 20 of each glyph - down from my pre-patch levels of 40 (the reason I still have mage armor), and I will be discounting some glyphs that have not sold down to replacement costs (at the moment 16g).  I really should set up high sales and no/low sales glyphs as seperate groups, but the Auction Profit Master UI for sorting glyphs is painful (as was QA3 before it). 

Finally, keep an eye on inks other than Ink of the sea.  There are not many around, but every so often I see good prices for 'lesser' inks, buying them when I do.


  1. I am not limiting my herb shopping to northrend herbs. Lower level herbs can be cheaper than northrend ones and they save me a trip to Dalaran (currently working out of Exodar because of less lag). If by any chance I get more low level inks this way they will definitely be useful when cata comes and converting from IotS > lower inks will disappear.

  2. Amazing you can get ink at the 2g50 level. AH prices for herbs are still fairly high and those selling in trade are lower but no where near that level.

    I know every server is different but I always wonder if you price your items too low. On my server I just stay in the market where glyphs are over 60gold. I dont make any glyphs that are under that level and I only sell glyphs at a 40gold price level with a fallback level of 160gold. Doing this I am these days making 5-8k a night. The main difference is I do repost 3 times during the night.

  3. Not sure that I can edit my last post but I sell at a 40gold threshhold with the 160 fallback. Most sales are in the 70-100gold range.

  4. @Mads. Yup. I keep an eye out for cheaper inks (and sometimes cheaper herbs). If anyone is new to this make sure you dont pick up starter herbs and inks by mistake, as you can't make glyphs from them.

    @Tarel, if you get a blogger account (even without setting up your own blog), you will then be able to delete and replace posts.
    I am mildy envious of your market - as there is very little chance of sustaining those prices on our server. That said, our herb prices are currently 10-11g for basic northrend herbs, and 18-19g for 'Quality' northrend herbs, and more herbs are coming on every day.

    I already have 2 bank tabs of herbs, and 1.5 bank tabs of inks, and am still sitting on more than 25 glyphs for most of my stock.

    While I only get a few inks at 2g50 (lesser inks), I am letting suppliers know my expectations and desired stock levels. At my old prices, I have already stocked enough to be comfortable, and doing so, removed many AH pages of herbs from the market.

    I am on a 'buyers strike' untill prices get down to where I want them.

  5. What do you figure people will be buying the Snowfall Ink to use for, in Cataclysm? I've got a supply of those on hand (somewhat over 1k) myself.

    I'm thinking that there could be a decent demand for Runescrolls during people's leveling and dungeon running in the 81-85 range (and the new runescroll version will be stupidly expensive to make for a while). Is that your reasoning as well?

  6. Would similarly love to hear the answer to Indy's question. I've been dumping my Snowfall Ink as fast as I can for whatever scraps I can get for them with the expectation that they'll be mostly worthless in Cataclysm.

    You tend to be right so I'm willing to take it on faith that you've got some good reasons for figuring Snowfalls won't totally tank, but I'm not sure I see them.

  7. Come on Breevok. You know you want to :)

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