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02 October 2010

Distractions from glyphs

I will be posting at 20g threshold, 60g fallback, 50s undercut, post 1.  For those that read this blog, this is a huge change in strategy.

I am not easily distracted by bright shiny WoW things, but Blizzard has managed it.

World of Warcraft®: Cataclysm™ Beta Test Invitation
Congratulations! You’ve been selected to participate in the beta test of World of Warcraft®: Cataclysm™.
As a beta test participant, ...
Please note that your Battle.net account should be flagged for beta access within roughly 24 hours upon receipt of this email....

I noticed the beta access while unsubscribing from RealID, a good 12 hours before getting this email.

My first impressions are:
  • First of all, I needed to muddle my way without instructions.  I thought I had missed an email (I just don't read them), but in fact I had pre-empted it.
  • Secondly, there is a lot to download.  I was already nearing my quota, and having an addtional 15GB to download is going to take some juggling.
  • As regular readers know, I have access to two accounts, mine and my sons.  My son is ... not interested in the gold or trade skills game.  He does not raid either.  So, of course, it was his account that got the Beta invite.
  • I will you know of what happens once I actually get the Beta running, unless I get .... ooh look sparklies - seeya.
This means that I will need to find some extra time for the glyph posting account.  Both my son and I will be interested in what it can do.  My son will adore archeology and Worgens.

How does this relate to glyphs?  Well I was already in the process of turning most of my ink into glyphs, as it will take 3 inks to make a glyph in 4.0 (due real real soon now).  I am up to paladin glyphs, ... sigh

My opposition will love me, for now at least
Buying (glyph related)

  • All glyph making inks below 2g
  • What few cheap herbs are available (which is not many - I failed on that call).  
  • Glyphs below 2g, where I do not already have 'too many', and the glyphs will not be charred.
  • I want more time on the glyph posting account for Beta.  (I assume I can not be logged into Beta and live on the same account at the same time).  Regardless, I want more time.
  • I am currently using more inks than I am replacing, and I am happy for others to consume their inks/herbs instead.
  • My eye is now firmly on 4.0 prices.  I am expecting that there will not be enough glyphs, inks, herbs or time to meet demand, so prices will rise significantly.  My call is that glyphs will sell around the 50g mark come 4.0, which I still expect within 3 weeks.
  • I have given up on scaring off the opposition, letting them have the cheaper end of the glyph market.  This means that there will be more inscribers active come 4.0, unless another inscriptionist takes over the deep undercutting role.
  • I am raising my posting prices significantly in anticipation.

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  1. Interesting to see your plan of taking benefit from patch 4.0.1. Personally, I got stocked up 60 of every single glyph in game, in addition to two full guild bank tabs with all kinds of the inks, split equally towards the usage of the different types.

    My plan was to use a fallback of 64g99s99c, 15g threshold, and simply buy out any glyphs below 10g.

    The demand will be insane, indeed, and in case I don't sell as much glyphs instantly that I'd like, I'll just use my plan b), which is to simply announce in /2 "Selling ANY glyph - 15g /w me!".
    That macro works like wonders even today, and I'm sure I'll have my hands full selling my stores glyphs if that'll be the case.


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