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15 October 2010

Finally logged in. 16k in glyph sales

I had a rough time getting in (look at my last few posts), but finally success.  I was able to successfully finish the upgrade of WoW on my backup on a portable HD.

Looking back, there were several things I could have done better:
  • Post 48 hours of every glyph at 60g on Monday night just in case.  (I didnt think it was going live but many others did and said so)
  • Practice using the Web auction house so I was familiar
  • run the final upgrade concurrently on two PC's.
  • Have a large enough stockpile of inks
What I did right:
  • Posted many glyphs - concentrating on classes with large changes - especially DK
  • Crafted glyphs early so I did not have to when the patch hit
  • Had a stockpile of inks - about 80 stacks of different types, and another 50 stacks of herbs
  • Thought about recovery strategies
  • Had a complete backup of my warcraft folder
  • Used the Web AH to post glyphs
  • Did my reading on addons so I was prepared with a QA replacement (APM), and had a manual strategy in place.
After I got on, last night I posted one toon worth of glyphs 8 each, 40g threshold, 70g fallback, 48 hours, 5g undercut, auto fallback.  This takes a very very long time, meaning I did not get to post on toons 2 & 3.
I also created the new glyphs types, bemoaning how small my ink piles now seem.

Tonight I am going to post without auto fallback on all toons, then re-post on toons 2&3 as I have time. 

I also noticed that some glyphs are already being sold for less than the new cost.  This should be unsustainable, and a non-inscriptionist guildy (Wek) bought some for flipping.

All in all, I could have done better.  But for someone who could not even get on, 16k gold is OK.

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  1. I'm posting mine over the weekend - going for 94g buyout - assuming that a lot of people will run out of inks / glyphs.

    3k so far.


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