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05 October 2010

Beta second glance

Finally, I have downloaded enough of the Beta to be able to start running it, with only about 2GB left to complete the downloads.

As I am only downloading on one computer, and will copy the files to another, tonight we spent some time 'discussing' who got to play.  I will confess to finding my son a couple of extra tasks to do.

Graphically it is prettier.  I am a little concerned for those raiders who already run 10 man in low res graphics.

It was nice to find pre-mades starting with 5k gold.  Given that it is a test realm and hyper inflation is common on the PTR, the AH prices were surprisingly sedate.  What little AH there was.  2 pages of glyphs, when live has about 80 pages?  I am still working out how I am going to get professional toons over to the test realm.

If anyone on Caelestraz (Horde or Alliance) would like to swap 'live' gold for Beta mats, please let me know via a comment here.

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  1. Hey - just to try to keep the word moving around the circuit here - you have any thoughts or plans on how to deal with this: http://followthegoldroad.com/2010/10/auction-house-api-changes-in-4-01/ ?

    Looks like QA will be dead in a week... yikes. I'm not concerned about long term viability (kill the bots, kill the bots!!!), but short term, I'm thinking I--we--need to find a good AH posting replacement pronto.


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