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01 October 2010

Real ID by stealth

Blizzard has just released Real ID 'upgrades', defaulting players to have Real ID active.

For the record, while Blizzard insists on linking real life names and email accounts to Real ID, I will not be using it. By default, your account is protected by two items : your email account and your password. Blizzard implementing by defailt Friends of friends means there will be many more accounts hacked.

I have just disabled Real ID. You do this by logging into your battlenet account. For US based players, the link is https://us.battle.net/account/management/settings/change-communication.html

I find that (WoW Interface) Friends with Benefits is a great way to track friends on multiple alts.

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  1. Thanks, Foo, for the heads up and the simple pointers for turning Real ID off. I'd really prefer Real ID remain an opt in feature, but at least there's still a way to opt out.


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