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26 October 2010

Post patch blues??

Has anyone else been running around and noticed various post patch 4 issues?

I bet you have, I bet you need a new keyboard or close to it now.

These are mine...

Well lets look at the BG's alone for now.

That is 2 alterac valley runs I have been in over the CTA, if you cannot see the importance this is not a "look I'm on top" chart, its a holy s##t there is 41/43 horde in a 40 man????

I had this is in a WSG run as well with 17 horde but failed to screenshot.

Is anyone else experiencing any other interesting post patch blues? Or simply seeking a blue post patch?

Since patch and a week before I started a druid, hell no point using 1 of my 4 80's with raids at a close and inevitable ripping a sunder. So I started anew for a class I have always been keen on. Now I have my druid on the way up, and looking forward to the 2 sets of gear for 4 specs that will be cataclysm. While I'm not an expert on anything, by any means and I choose for it to remain that way, when you look at wow, there are people that know less about there toons than the character creation pane and with blizzards new healing zones the exact opposite of what we have been forcing down the throat of PUG's, you will find people instinctively running from efflorescence and so on. The void zone war is now a healing zone vs void zone war, hopefully not a great learning curb, but with blizzard as it is who really knows, they went from mana galore to healers doing DPS, and AOE weakening to threat nerfs, and so on. What will cataclysm hold apart from raiding pains, healing pains, and tanking pains?


Hell all spells are level based, half the stats you needed a degree to work out the effects of, and now we have it easy. Game has been made new player friendly (the people haven't) the raids are normalized for smaller guilds, and heroics are hard??? We will see, but as with Wrath it started hard and then gear made it a laughing matter, where you tried to see what heroics you could solo. NO SERIOUSLY!! there is a guy who was soloing FOS normal, no kidding.

The raids, the dungeons, the classes, the spells based on level, and the guilds...

Anyone else having fun with Cataclysm so far... you know before cataclysm...

Of course I have been eating lag, downloading over my limit and raging at the fact my instant spells take minutes to show up and my addons are in the virtual bucket...

But hey, you win some you lose some and then you get a GIANT FREAKING DRAGON KILLING YOUR WOMAN AND EATING YOUR CROPS!!



  1. There was a blue post regarding this bug. Basically when someone leaves the BG it does not take them off the score chart like it used to. There are still only 40 people in the BG at any given moment.

  2. To add to that bug, anytime I join a BG in progress I get no honour for anything. Given that the character I PVP on is Alliance in a battlegroup where Horde generally outnumbers them, joining such a BG is frequent.

    I wouldn't be as bothered with the honour if it wasn't for the fact I really would like to get rid of those last few pieces of ornate saronite armour.

  3. I never saw myself on the scoreboard if I entered a bg in progress - not sure if I got honor or not though - I just assumed it was a display issue


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