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18 October 2010

My cure for gogogo

I just dont get gogogo DPS players.  They wait 20 minutes in a DPS queue, then want a 3 minute dungeon skipping as much as possible.  The bonus 'xp' for a levelling dungeon is about 1 mob.  Oh well, I will try to run as fast as I am capable.

Last night I had Mauradon purple on my bear tank. I had gogogo warrior dps, and newbie warlock, and a favorite pocket healer.

As a bear tank I still need more rage.  My main is a DK tank, so I am used to multiple button spamming, which just does not work ok a mid level bear.  I have Enrage on cooldown, and carry copious rage potions.  I keep an eye on what agro the healer has, and whether I am picking up loose extras.  This is all so much easer if I have rage.  The easiest way to get rage is to be hit, meaning I want to be the targetted player.

Last night, after the first mob where the DPS rushes in front of me, I tried my 'I can go faster if you let me get agro' speach.  Response (as some of you predicted) was 'Not gonna happen'.

Problem: My stress levels trying to hold agro, with toons actively sabotaging it.  Then inspiration hit.  Why get upset?  I have no fear of being kicked.  Near insta requeue as a levelling tank.

My solution?
Yup. I popped cat form, /follow healer, said in party pull whatever you like, and told healer I was going afk (and I mostly did).

After one particularly hard pull entire party stopped for a drink.  I was fine, posting auctions on a second account.  I offered to tank again if I had the support of the DPS. "QQ" was my reply.

A little later Mr Warrior dead on the floor, I pop bear form and get all agro.  Someone resurects Warrior (grumble grumble healers grumble).  I continue tanking, we pick up speed, and Warrior no longer fights me for agro.  In all honesty, Mr Warrior was OK at holding agro.  But if he wants to tank he should queue as one.

The newbie lock was trying his best, cc'ing all over the place.  Kept one sattire banished and another enslaved most of the instance.  Appreciated being told that a second banish 'frees' a mob to be killed.  A couple of other tips were also appreciated, and he asked to re-run another instance. I requeued as soon as Warrior dropped group, for a mostly smooth run.

It kinda bothered me being a 'jerk'.  But it bothered me far less than fighting for control.  I will still start instances correctly, and if things get uncontrolled offer a polite reminder that they queued as DPS not tanks, and I run faster if I get hit.  But after that cat form is so less stressful.

If you are tank or healer, and DPS refuse to play nice, tell them why you need to be hit. Failing that /follow works well.  It is in your interest to be kicked rather than get a deserter debuff.


  1. Please don't feel that you are being a jerk in this case. When skilled players work hard to clean up the messes of other players, it steals away opportunities to learn and grow as a hunter/warlock/whatever. Death is a form of feedback that says "be more careful next time".

  2. I experienced this firsthand yesterday too :( I had a hunter that felt I wasn't pulling fast enough (or enough mobs in SM Cath) and would send his pet flying across the room to pick up more mobs. I already had like 5 or 6 on me, really, I need more? I asked him to kindly wait until I pulled ( I was already chain pulling as it was) and his reply was "Sorry, my bad for wanting to help the run go faster..."

    And it's like, "LOOK dude, it's already going fast but apparently fast enough isn't good enough for you..."

    I hate DPS.

    I brought a warlock friend with me and he supported me, as did the healer. I


    I know exactly how you feel. OY! Don't feel you were a jerk. Just hope that those DPS people learn to slow down and enjoy the instance run.


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