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22 October 2010

Secondary markets are being ignored

I've been ignoring them.  The markets we used to play in in our free time.  Profitable, but not on our radar.

I've been hard enough pressed with respec's, regems, runeforging, rotations, rerolls, revelry and of course glyphs (couldn't think of how to start glyphs with an R, and I'm using poetic licence to declare that lvl 80 toons are re-rolls).

They are harder to post, as you need to press a button.  Whether it is the button press or the above distractions markets have been abandoned.

I still have 20+ Glyphs of Mage armor, so (with the prompting of Breevok), I shifted 1/2 to my horde side toon, and I am now selling - with advertisements - at 350-400g.  Only a few sales so far but at that price - thats all I need.  My horde toon had nearly a dozen alliance cooking recipees in his bag (vendor ones), so I did an auctioneer scan to see what they were currently listed for. 

Most of them were not listed.  Normally there are 3 different players in the market.  From conversations with a couple of others on our server, they have concentrated on 'core' business too.  Core business, by definition, is where you get the majority of your gold, but it does mean opportunities are being ignored.

I am assuming that most readers are catching up with their activities, or will soon.  If you have not yet played in the 'off markets', or have abandoned them, now is a good time to look.  The things that generally slip under the radar are:
  • Cross faction recipees, out of the way cooking recipees (Also stockpile these for Pilgrims Festival - new cooks).
  • Pets (even vendor ones).
  • Outland/old world Engineer Repair bots (for making jeeves)
  • Inscription offhands and runescrolls. 

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  1. Don't forget Certificate of Ownership. I often have that market to myself and even though the sales are quite low the profit is huge.


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