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13 October 2010

Herbalists rejoice - while you can still find herbs

Breevok posted about the glyphers making a fortune.  Earlier today I checked on the armory those glyphs I did manage to post .

There are apparenly 130 herbs (not stacks) on our auction house.   If you can, go and herb.  Anywhere.  Post for a fortune.

This will also put pressure on flasks, potions and elixirs.  Keep enough for your raids, but sell the rest.  Supply may return to normal in (take a punt) 3 weeks, but there are plenty that want to raid and are now newbies again.

Advertise Guru's elixirs - they require fish instead of herbs.  They will be cheap (in comparison) to make and will provide enough of a buff to be worth it for broke/unprepared toons.  However, you will need to advertise because players are not used to drinking it.

Feed the general panic and chaos.  Advertise other temporary buffs (drums, runescrolls, food) and permanent buffs (gems, enchants).

There are gold rich and under prepared players out there.  Help them become prepared (for a fee).

Update:  As soon as I got home this evening I installed the last update.  It was 'only' 100 MB, that still took an age to load.  Now I am sitting next to a 'Blizzard Updater'  that has finally hit 50% while everyone else is posting auctions.  Grr.  Oh well.

I tried (again) the Web Auction house.  You can post 200 items/day.  As it has a post #stacks option the same as the online auction, I naively thought that I would be able to post 10 of each type of glyph (up to 200 glyph types).  This was not to be. Instead I managed to post 20 glyph types of 10 each.  Grrr.

I know that I am grumpy because I can't get my WoW fix; either that or I'm grumpy because you lot are getting my sales.  They are mine I tell you, so mits off. 

1 comment:

  1. 12 hours.

    43k in glyphs so far. Average sale price of 45G. Reposting every 2 hours.

    Spent the time between postings farming adder's tongue, and it sells as fast as I can post it.

    For 45 gold/stack.

    Total take since the patch: 61K.



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