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04 October 2010

I am a tank.I don't like DPS players

Nothing personal.  Yes, I'll have some cheese with this whine. 

My 'main' is a DK tank, and I am levelling a Druid tank.  Very different beasts.  For some bizzare reason I need more rage.  With the DPS that LFG gives me, I am astounded.

This last week, running Scarlet Monestary - yet again.  DPS rogue decides to run ahead. 
Me: DPS that runs ahead of tank pulling agro makes me a grumpy tank.
DPS: Too bad <3
I drop party. I think I am a grumpy tank.

In Scarlet Monestry with another group.  I am tank, on 50% health.  Healer calls AFK.  I start eating, DPS miss that, all run past and agro the next pull.  We survive that pull, standing outside the beastmaster boss.  I sit and eat.  DPS stand there all at 30% health. I suggest that they might like to eat/bandage.  They still stand there.  I brought the whine.  Please eat your chesse.  Eventually I pop out of bear and heal them.  Am I am a grumpy healer or a grumpy tank?

Yet again in Scarlet Monestry, Hunter pet pulling all over the place.  Healer is going OOM, so I whisper him to stop healing the pet, and that I actually would just like it to die.  Healer says OK, and does better with mana.  Later in the instance, healer is totally OOM, I am low on health, and the DPS still keep going.
Me:  Healer, if you are low on mana, no need to heal the DPS
Healer: It's OK, I need the practice.

The DPS is still all over the place on the next pull.  I stop even trying to hold agro from the DPS, but we survive.  Best thing is that the DPS start to be better behaved on low health.
At the end of the run, the healer wants to run again.  He thought we were a good group.

So tell me again why I need more rage?  I am most definitely a grumpy tank.  


  1. I've found that letting a dps die early in a run is one of the best ways to get them to be more careful. It can be a cruel lesson, but that's the only way for some people to learn.

  2. As a healer, when DPS act like that, I just let them die and refuse to rez them... How many of them, doing cross faction dungeons have no clue how to get back to the entrance of the instance ? so many ! I'm a grumpy healer too and I like it ^^

  3. You pull it, you tank it.

    Sick of idiots who don't know which target to assist me (the tank) on.

    It doesn't stop at level 80 either.

  4. I'm a grumpy healer to and I also let DPS dies.

  5. As a long time rogue, I must /applaud you.

    I have been doing a lot of random (heroic) dungeons lately, and I'm sick tired from noob lvl80 dps' that vote to kick the healer or the tank (as if it didn't take long enough to get them on the dungeon finder to begin!) as soon as they blindly body-pull out of LoS or range from the healer, and blame on the healer for not healing them, or on the tank for not magically having infinite aggro.

    However, I want you to know that there are some of us who actually know how to play a DPS toon. No tank has ever seen me pulling (except for some low-health non-elite trash) anything on a dungeon since the days I was on a trial account, and I find myself going Vanish + Cheap Shot + Revealing Strike + Kidney Shot whenever a healer draws aggro (or even cloth dps, if it's clear enough that it was an accident). Since the dagger requirement was removed, my typical opening is Tricks of the Trade + Ambush (which translates to a burst for the tank's threat build up). I could go on for a while, but I hope you get the idea: playing a rogue is quite more than Sinister Spam; and it's obvious that the same applies to any other DPS toon, despite I don't know them deeply enough to say.


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