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14 October 2010

Patch Day Blues - Goblin Style

Things do not always go according to plan.
Some people :
  • did not attempt the PTR (I tried the Beta).  Using a test realm is a good way to test for errors.  That is what they are for.
  • were suprised when the patch hit (Sob, sob)
  • did not have a stockpile (I did)
  • did not have 48 hour auctions up (I had some)
  • did not download the available patch files (I did)
  • found their addons broken and were surprised (I had both updated addons and a backup plan)
  • could not download/install the last part of the patch (Sob, sob. WTF is cannot connect to the updater? How do I fix this?)

I am reading reports of profits of 15k in the two hours, 60k in the first day.  This adds insult to injury. So, I can not install the patch.  Now what?

  • Don't panic. Controlled frustration can be productive.  Uncontrolled ranting is not. Sit down and work out your options.  They will vary for your scenario.
  • Consider the Web/Mobile AH (US$3/month).  It is a poor substitue for being in game, but it works.  I had all my glyphs in toon bags/banks.  You are allowed to post 200 stacks per day.  I want to post multiple stacks of each of 300 glyphs, but this is not possible.  Instead choose the highest profit items, and don't enter into undercutting wars.  Don't cancel - you cant afford the stacks.
  • The WoW folder has various log files in both the base folder and the Updates folder.  Have a look, you might get a clue.
  • Google is your friend.  If you have an error message, search for WoW "error message".  It might provide a clue.
  • Consider using the WoW forums for technical help.  Another user might find a solution for you.  Don't expect a Blizzard response - they are too busy.
  • Consider your firewalls, routers, and hard disk errors.  I can't provide instructions in a blog post as it is a little complicated, but Blizzard technical support has howto's for some of these.  Consider asking a friend/paying a shop for assistance.
  • Do you have access to another patched (or unpatched) WoW installation that you trust?  For me - I had WoW on two computers, plus a copy of WoW on a portable hard drive. I am updating both the portable hard drive installation and the second computer while I am at work today.  A friend's installation may work too.
  • Download the entire client from Blizzard.  While it is downloading use the whatever alternatives you can. Log into the Blizzard website - I start at www.worldofwarcraft.com and 'manage account' (takes you to battle.net), and download the client, or use https://us.battle.net/account/management/download/index.xml.  Depending on your connection speed it will take a long time - possibly days.  If you have a small download quota, consider using someone else's connection and a portable disk.
Without full WoW access, I am not going to make the profits that others are making.  By working with what I have, I am still making thousands of gold.

PS. For those listing glyphs at less than 30g. Are you sure of your ability to restock your glyphs? You must have very large stockpiles of inks, herbs and/or glyphs. Oh well, if you are really cheap, I'll flip them. (I'm looking at you Wek)


  1. Try loading WoW by clicking on the application file in your updates folder. It should say something like: "WoW update to 4.0.8" Something along those lines. At least thats how i fixed it.

  2. Thanks. I'm in, based on my portable HD. I will post my thoughts tomorrow.


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