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16 February 2011

Wholesale and retail

Yesterday, I 'did it again', without saying what it was. Apparently I went dancing down the hallways in pigtails, on an alt, going bald, with a beer gut. While I might like to run around in a pink mini skirt, it just doesnt look good on me.

Recently a lot of new players have entered the glyph market.  One sure fire way to get sales is to be the last to post.  Another way is to undercut the profit for them away.  Together, it makes for a mean combination.

Some other difficulties include that I work during the day, making the regular reposting difficult while remaining within the terms of use; and my son ceased playing WoW and is trying DC universe, so my only remaining justification for paying for the second account was posting glyphs.

I have no problems in oursourcing effort.  I have paid for my herbs to be milled for a long time now.  Previously I had another player selling glyphs for me.

So, Neo was mostly right, I am posting all my glyphs on new alts.  But they are not alts on my account.  Breevok is willing to sell his stock and materials, while I have outsourced my retailing operation.

I have provided this new player all of my made glyphs 'on loan', and will charge him a flat fee for recrafting sold glyphs, plus a cut of any sold glyphs above that flat fee.  I am providing advice on pricing and posting strategies.  Another win (for me) is closing the second account.

The addons used are:
  • altoholic to keep track of his inventories (bags + mail + AH) - both accounts have this installed,
  • KTQ to queue glyphs (based on altoholic inventories),  
  • Gnomeworks to process the queue (KTQ prerequisite).  
  • The new player will use TSM to post and mail glyphs (TSM has a base application plus applets for tasks); and 
  • postal + mail opener to retrieve mail (While I have both installed, I will need to confirm that postal is required in addition to mail opener)
For some addons, I use alpha & beta quality addons - taking more recent functionality (and compatibility with the current WoW client) over something that used to work nicely with an older version of WoW but now might be broken.  Using the Curse Client, you can set this up per addon.  Alternatively, from the Curse addon site (or even WoWInterface) you can find the parent site and install addons of the version you wish to use.

I am not going to spoil it by giving the name of the new toons that are posting glyphs, but I will confirm correct guesses.  His presence is definitely growing.


    1. Nope. Not Wek. His glyph posting toon on this server were insfbone, insfbtwo, insfbthree. However Wek is currently playing scribe on another server.

    2. I is a super secret identity that Foo will spoil if someone guesses correctly :)

    3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    4. How the frell was that cheating?

    5. Because you were on vent when it was discussed.

    6. Grats on finding a way to tame the inscription beast.

      Is altoholic still supported?

      I had to uninstall it because it would crash, including when I open NPC, the dialog box would stay on the upper left and wouldn't close. I do have armory and arkinventory.

      Does anyone know of a solution for multiple machines? I.e., sometimes I want to do AH stuff on the laptop. But it is
      frustrating to not get inventory and beancounter data consolidated.

    7. @anonymous

      Altoholic works fine for me (I will link my version tonight/tomorrow night).

      Every now and then I need to clear my saved variables for both datastore and altoholic (especially after leaving a guild)

      Assuming your main PC and your laptop have a network connection you can copy files in your WTF folder between them.

      The crudest method is to copy the entire WTF folder to your laptop before starting WOW, and copy it back when you finish.

      More sophisticated solutions will include making a simple dos (assuming windows) script that:
      * copying files for certain addons to your laptop
      * Start wow
      * copy files back from your laptop to your PC.

      I think curse may have a addon synchronisation tool with it's premium subscription, but I have no idea what that involves.

    8. @wek : Yes you really were on vent. You might have been asleep, but you even took part in the last part of the conversation.

    9. The version of Altoholic I am currently using is available on curse as v4.0.005d


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