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14 February 2011

Blackfallow ink for free?

From another blog that I read.

With prices at 7g per Whiptail I am basically able to my glyphs FOR FREE if I am able to get 150g per inferno ink. Before I assumed my costs were about 35g per glyph so do I lower my threshold now? do I assume my costs will be lower, say 10g per glyph?

Cough, Cough Bulls#!t, Cough, Cough.

When you mill cata herbs and turn the pigment into ink, you create Blackfallow Ink and Inferno Ink.  Both of these items can be sold, on my server a normal spot price might be 17g for Blackfallow, 120g for Inferno.

By milling you are working, creating value.  You might sell the inks as is, or you might further craft them into various items (glyphs, darkmoon cards, runescrolls etc).  The spot price for Blackfallow ink based glyphs makes a glyph crafting price about 51.5g (17g*3 for inks + 50s for parchment.  I currently source a lot of Ethereal ink from Blackfallow.

If you do not consider milling to be effort, I have 4 guild bank tabs of whiptail I would like you to mill for me.  Alternatively, if you consider Blackfallow ink worthless, I am willing to buy all of your Blackfallow ink for 5g each, much more profit than your 10g per glyph, and also a guaranteed sale.

The cost to make an item is the AH price of mats + fee for effort.

Anything less and you are throwing away gold.  There are plenty of beggers in /trade that would appreciate it.


  1. I see the same on my server. Prices for blackfallow ink are just not reliable. on my server blackfallow ink rarely sells. To me it is like wrath and Ink of the sea....it never sold on my server. Undermine Journal shows the last week...and only a few sales at 5gold each. Inferno ink sells very well from 120-150gold. I have been milling whiptail solely for my ink and glyphs. I have no inferno ink atm. I only sell make a glyph when sales are over 100gold. My price threshhold is 60gold. It is very easy gold these days.

    Is milling work....well I mill for 10 minutes a day and can handle that days sales....I dont think it is too much. I spend 30-45 mins a day on the ah for 10-15k a day.

  2. One additional comment which is all part of strat on glyphs....I only post 1 or 2 of a glyph....there is no need for more in my view. It shortens posting time and cancellation time as well as what you need to make. At any given time I will have between 180-250 glyphs up.

  3. One last comment...most gold in my view is made on the buying phase...for me anyway....I cant sell blackfallow ink...I can sell glyphs and inferno ink. By keeping my glyphs above 60gold...average is 110-150gold..I can easily take whiptail and spend some time to make my gold.

    Would I sell you blackfallow ink at 5gold...no I can make more from glyphs. Most scribes I know mill there own ink so purchases of the ink are rare. People always struggle on the value of the ink.....one ink cannot mean the other ink is free....but if I simplify...to say I get 1 inferno ink and 2 glyphs from a stack of whiptail(i know it is less...for illustration only)....I would take my inferno ink at 100gold add my average glyph sales...of 100x2 to get 300gold total value from a stack of whiptail. You would then proportionately value the inks...based on the end market sales..to find inferno has a 33gold cost and the glyphs were 33gold each. The valuation gets lost when people use fairmarket value pricing of one item to exclude the others. The other issue is whether an items sale value is its true value..ie blackfallow ink...or should its use in a product be the case. My method is based solely on how I sell....Playing with fair market values more would bump the inferno ink and lower the glyph cost if we valued all glyphs equally. Easy to distort..suffice to say....however you do it....it is easy glyph sale gold.

  4. See this is the problem on my server. I was the creater so to speak of the mysterious fortune card market on my server. No one was selling them and I started selling them at 39g each by barking. Now they sell for like 8g each and when I reset the market back to 39g everyone complains because they have been buying them for 10g. Sometimes the blackfallow ink is 14g each and the cards are like 9. I don't understand how someone can make money that way. Even if they are farming their own herbs, they are losing money. So now I just turn all blackfallow into inferno and make darkmoon cards and made decent scratch. Nothing like the big glyph sellers, but I just can't find the herbs cheap enuff to make glyphs and sell them at 10 or 20g like they are on my server.

  5. The only way you make money selling the cards at 8gold is if you are allocating all of your herbs cost to inferno's. They have to be using the inferno ink to sell/make darkmoon cards etc. The remaining ink they value lightly. In the end they are still making gold by buying the herbs, milling and crafting. Is it a market to go in....I wouldnt go in it. I only ended up in glyphs as people left the market on our server after the 2gold glyph business stopped.

    Moving into selling inferno ink...I think is good use of it.

    People struggle with valuation of the ink. If we turn all milled items into blackfallow ink then we can get a cost of the ink. ie 1 inferno ink is 10 blackfallow. 1 stack of whiptail would be then say 15 blackfallow ink. If a stack of whiptail is 120gold then the ink is 8gold each. This puts the inferno ink at 80gold cost. Another way to change the values and there are many of them which still lead people to make decisions that do get them gold...but maybe not as much as we would think they should be getting.

  6. All this "allocation" talk is giving me a headache.

    The value is the sum of what the parts can generate - it's that simple. If whiptail is 100g a stack and inferno ink is 100g per, I can see mentally allocating 100g to inferno, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't matter what you do with the blackfallow.

    Just because anything you do with the Blackfallow is profit, doesn't mean you can price whatever you make below market price. That's just daft.

    If blackfallow costs 14g and people are selling cards for 9g (i.e., "I can sell below market because I am already profitable"), that's plain silly.

    If you have to do something with the Blackfallow, just put it to the highest-paying use there is. Otherwise, you're just using your inferno ink sales to provide a discount to your customers instead of charging the going market price.


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