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08 February 2011

Heroics : Dungeon finder or Guild run

According to the bloggosphere there is a shortage of tanks.  Others have been talking about how tanks are choosing not to queue because it is harder, but a point has been missed. 

We are getting a large buff if we run with 3 strangers.  3 strangers means no guild XP or rep. 

Take your choice - Guild XP on a guild run, or bonus damage with a random group.  Even if your guild group does not know how to run the dungeon, you can learn, and feel like you are progressing.  With pugs, there is no such feeling.  I am a tank, and know my preference.  If you were a tank, what would you prefer?


  1. A guildie does about 12k-18k DPS on average. New alts maybe 10k. The average rnd I usually see does 5-7k.
    Our tanks/healer won't need CC, won't need mana breaks and are pretty conversant with chain pulling. They are rushing through a heroic withing 30 minutes.

    Even if you give them a 100% dps boost, that won't make me queue alone with strangers.

  2. Up until now I've been completely avoiding pugs, even if that means I don't do a heroic that day. I have a group of guildies that I know are well geared and skilled, but even then it still takes us around an hour to get through a heroic, and I rarely can dedicate even that much time. I also completely out-gear heroics, and I'm fairly certain I can buy BoE equivalents to most Valor gear if I ever want to. That said, I might be tempted to heal a few pugs. I have had good experiences with pugs before (like the time I got through H SC in 40min when it took my guild 4hrs), so I'm hoping my gear and the boost will help smooth over any possible problems.

  3. @Iancore: I could be mistaken, but I thought the 15% bonus was to the group. So if you have two guilidies doing 18k each then a 15% bonus would increase their DPS by 2700 each. So a 7k PUG in a +15% pug is 1.15*(18+18+7) is about the same as a 18+18+13.4 guild run.

    The PuG bonus always helps; the guild xp only matters if you are not hitting your guild cap. If you are going to cap anyway, then there is no benefit to guild rep.


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