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05 February 2011


Arozcaldo is re-opening as an active guild, on Oceanea/Caelestraz/Alliance.

For end game players:
  • I will be organising 5 man dungeon runs (mostly heroics) 2-3 times a week, soon moving to raiding Saturday nights.  Runs that I organise will gerenally start around 8:30.
  • Runs that I organise will largely be progression style - I do not repeat a lot of old content.  
  • Mild preference is given to in-guild members (especially so we get guild points from), but is by no means obligatory.  If you love your guild but have compatible free time, you are still welcome to run with us.
  • New healers are most welcome.  Training, and assistance will be given.  Older content will also be re-run if needed.
  • I have an established raid etiquette.  (TL:DR - It's ok to encourage, but if you need to be a jerk about it - whisper me instead).

You need to be able to work together within a team.  When you are running heroics or raids, you will be expected to have all slots filled with at least basic enchants, and gems, and be glyphed.  Likewise, you will some potions, flasks and elixirs.  Swearing is frowned upon. Swearing at (or in the general direction of) others is not tolerated.

Members working towards Thats a lot of bait, Mix Master, and Set the Oven to 'Cataclysmic'. will be subsidised.

Questing & levelling toons will have a generous repair allowance.

I started raiding early 2009, raiding mostly once per week.  My progress for Wrath is covered here.

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  1. Wishing you a great deal of success in your new venture! I'm sure you don't need luck, but hope this works out for you.

    Not that it is anyone's business but does this represent a new start, on a server separate from Breevok? Just curious--feel free to say STFU.


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