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12 February 2011

Glyph of Dark Succor

A couple of days ago, I posted about expectations for a new glyph. Now, apart from getting the glyph name and source wrong, the rest of the post is very much applicable.

This glyph appears to be aimed at PVP DK's; or possibly PVE for DPS DK's that really need extra healing but are not in tank (blood) presence. Personally I expected more sales of a new glyph but it is early days yet.  The undermine journal is not showing lots of glyphs being listed or sold, nor is there a lot of competition.

I would love to have been 100% correct in my assumptions, but oh well.

According to WoW Census there are about 1000 DK's level 81-85 on alliance Caelestrasz.
7 scribes have listed the glyphs, and are currently selling them.

The undermine journal thinks that our server has sold about 24 glyphs, but as it has missed mine (not that I have sold many), I know it missed some, but may have over reported others.  Others will be crafted by guild scribes.

Gold makers think differently to many other players.  We often prepare and pre-purchase items.  Compare and contrast with the majority of players using this glyph will think of purchasing it when their GM/raid leader/forum/arena partner tells them too.  They have not been told to buy it yet, so have not.

I am expecting that more glyphs will be sold in the next few days, but the majority of sales for it will trickle in over the expansion.  Even if guild scribe crafts 1/2 of the total made, that still only 60 (out of 1000) or so DK's with the glyph.  Not so much glyphmas, but it does bode well for the longevity of glyph making.

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  1. Actually, with an appropriate macro set up this glyph is pretty damn good for tanking. :P Seeing as the presences can be macro'd and don't require runes anymore.


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