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19 February 2011

Wholesale glyphs only - weekend update

I use the number of pages of AH glyphs to give an indication as to how much re-posting is happening.  We are down to 56 pages of glyphs (was up to 110 or so)

Moonvengence has swapped from 1c undercutter with roughtly 250g fallback to 1c undercutter with 30g undercut.  For those glyphs he sells, he is owning the market.

Moonvengence: 29 pages
Nevica : 3 pages
Ryzar : 3 pages

Ignoring any toons with less than 2 pages, the market has shunk a lot.  The toons that are retailing my glyphs don't even make that list. 

With such a dominant player, other scribes have dropped out of the market.  Bankzoors came and went.  I have not seen Neo posting for a few days, and the huge influx of players have left.

Inscription takes a lot of ink to build up a glyph catalogue.  In combination with players leaving the market, plus the cost of whiptail still falling (possibly influenced by less glyph and card making), (This blog also serves as a 'reminder' for historical information  blackfallow inks have fallen to 10g80 each, and inferno are 90g each, and whiptail is 5g)

All told, since outsourcing my glyph retailing earlier this week, I sold about 100 glyphs earlier this week, and my cut was 5k gold.  This cut was in addtion to the cost of making glyphs.

There is an opportunity to play with the cost of some glyphs, in particular northrend based inks, as snowfall in still sells moderatly well, and the herbs are still very cheap.  Milling is still profitable (even after paying someone to mill for me).  I am able to post blackfallow ink, downgrades inks and match current prices with Moonvengence.


  1. I decided to clean out my glyph supply tonight and dropped most all my glyphs for 30g a pop as well. It easy to have the number of unique glyphs I have on stock creep up and up until I'm swimming in them and reposting takes forever.

    When I'm only selling 4 or 5 a day I know it's time to sell off my stock and regroup. Lots of AH campers make selling tougher if you don't have a tent and sleeping bag next to the auctioneer.

    I'm sure I'll be back in the market again soon but this time with a much more focused selection of glyphs. -flux (from Power Word: Gold)

  2. Here is what I really dont get......why drop your selling price to 30gold....or to any low number. The sale will typically happen regardless of the price. If you really want to just dump them drop the price a bit more and someone will buy to repost. I know I buyup low priced glyphs that I know sell regularly.

    As to how to play the AH.....I have always had a different focus on running my operations than I see what hits the blogs. The need to dominate a market....normally means lots of excess stuff when you wish to leave. I have my system that will have on the AH 200 or so glyphs of one or two each. I dont make anymore than that. Each day I scan with my scribe to see what glyphs I dont have on the AH that are selling for over 100gold. I then make 1 or 2 of each of those glyphs and send them to my posting toon. I monitor my purchases in the same fashion to have a set amount of ink to handle what I will need to make. Most days I make 30-40 glyphs and my stock of AH glyphs will stay in the 180-230 range. My threshold price these days is 50gold....the odd time I do a cleanout by dropping threshold to 35gold.

    I have done this type of selling in many markets as it lets me adjust easily to dropping prices. As to glyphs...I am at 700-800k of profit from glyphs since 4.0. I dont keep detailed stats but my glyph posting toons cash is at $660k and I know I have transferred about 140k to make various purchases.

    Pick another market...jc. How many blue gems are getting stockpiled from doing the obsidium shuffle. If you are aiming to max your profits in that market you need to be dumping the slow/low priced selling gems ie yellow, blue and green before we can get epic gems. You need to modify your stats before the changes in the markets.

    To Foo: I always enjoy reading your column. I have thought of doing the same but I really couldnt stand people to know what I am up to. I never sell on my main or any char I play regularly.


  3. @Brent what you described is exactly how I run my day-to-day glyph operations. On my server right now the glyph market is fairly crowded and getting cumbersome.

    I don't mind handling a high volume of glyphs if I'm selling a decent amount. After watching the market the last few weeks I'm starting to think that it may be time to shift away from selling a fee at a time for 200g model to selling more volume for 50-60g per.

    If other sellers hold onto their higher prices I may end up making it up in volume. Of course the risk is that sellers will just undercut the 50-60g price and my sales would still be low. Stuff like this is what makes gold making so much fun.

  4. You drop to 30g (or cheaper) to drive out competition. If you have 3 or 4 competitors all playing nicely, your glyphs will sell.

    When you have 20-30 competitors, all posting multiple times per day, your glyphs will barely have a chance to sell at all.

    30g says work for peanuts or get out. Most players choose to get out. With Moonvengence playing aggresively on the majority of glyphs, he has already driven out most of the competitors, and even to a large degree - me. 30g also means more time glyph making and less time reposting.

    But there are still opportunities in glyphs. I have found many glyphs that used to sell well have become lemons; and previous lemons are now selling well. With fewer competitors, there are more oppotunities.

  5. Brent's method is almost exactly what I do, although my threshold is still up at 75g. I don't bother posting for lower prices than that. A couple times my competitors have dropped the prices for a week or so to chase out other sellers, and APM ends up not posting much during those times, but as soon as he tires of working for peanuts, my mods jump me right back in. Less than 75g each is not worth my time; I have enough money that I don't care to fight it. When there's no price war, I still seem to average about 25-30k per day, and similar to Brent's numbers, I'm around 800k since the release of Cataclysm.

    Actually, probably a lot more even. I've bought a couple DMF trinkets for alts, two Vial of the Sands, and a handful of other assorted BoE epics for alts. My glyph seller has about 760k liquid as of this morning. I keep waiting for Inscription to peter out as players fill their glyph books, but that clearly hasn't even come close to starting. Not my my (high pop) server anyway.


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