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22 February 2011

Theres a darkmoon on the rise

I have been buying cheap whiptail, and 1.5 guild bank tabs of the stuff.  Glyphs were doing ok, but it is time to burn these herbs.  I sent some to my alchemist, but 2,500 to my scribe.  After haviing done some basic research, I will make darkmoon cards.  The prices contained in this doucment assume you can find buyers at the listed prices.

I loathe milling, but my favourite milling toon is currently on an extended AFK, so was unavailable.  So milling I will go.

I have started out with 2,500 whiptail, currently valued at 5g each.  (12.5k)

1 hour later (milling is boring), I have
  • 115 inferno ink, ah price of 104g : (11.96k)
  • 593 blackfallow ink (9g80) (5.81k)
  • Total value : 17.7k
Giving milling a rough value of 5.2k per hour, assuming it sells immediately.  However, this volume would merely depress prices if dumped immediately, so would need to be slowly fed into the AH.  However, as I know I want to make darkmoon cards, I want Inferno ink more than blackfallow.  At the moment, the AH agrees.

I turn 590 blackfallow ink into another 59 inferno ink via the ink traders (converting 5.8k into 6.1k); leaving me with 174 inferno ink, and 3 blackfallow.

To make a darkmoon card takes 10 inferno ink, 30 volatile life, so i need 510 volatile life (cost 5k) and parchment (negligible). I would recommend spacing your purchasing of volatile life over a few days and not hitting it all in one shopping spree.  At least temporarily, I raided the price of volatile life from 9.8g to 12g, and there were not all that many available at 12g

This left me with 17 cards (no decks yet) and a few left over inks

What val per card num cards total value
eight of embers 2600 2 5200
eight of the winds 1850 1 1850
eight of waves 1750 1 1750
five of embers 1530 2 3060
Five of stones 1990 1 1990
four of embers 1130 1 1130
four of waves 2500 1 2500
seven of stones 3000 2 6000
six of embers 3000 1 3000
three of the winds 1800 1 1800
three of waves 3000 1 3000
two of stones 540 1 540
two of the winds 1650 1 1650
two of waves 1650 1 1650
17 35120
blackfallow 9.8 3 29.4
inferno ink 100 4 400


This leaves me with cards and mats worth around 35.5k, and to be honest, not much extra work, (especially after milling), call it 15 minutes.  Simply buying AH mats (17k+5k=22k) and converting them into cards has a return of about 13k per 15 minutes, or around 52k/hour. 

Note:  All these profits are 'paper' profits, I have not yet sold anything.  The reality is that to sell for top dollar takes both time and timing; selling quickly means a hefty discount.

So - coming soon : selling cards as is; or converting them into decks.


  1. I'm VERY interested in this experiment. Darkmoon IS coming. However, I see 10+ of all of the good decks already on the AH, and have been watching the price of the cards to see how they're selling.

    I'm also going to assume that the inks are going to be selling better once the fair comes around, because right now inferno inks have tanked.

    For now I'm using my whiptail in flasks (temporarily changed my alchemy's spec to get the guild achievement), Fortune cards (for which I'm one of the only sellers), and mana pots.

  2. Missed this post but am reading it now to your most recent post...which is at the bottom of JMTC. I like reading your posts but tend to read from JMTC. I am reading less on JMTC these days but just using that site as a jumping point. This may need to change for me.

    I like your experiment. On my server I really dont know if it is worth pursuing. I make easy gold from my glyph business....5-10k a day with average glyph prices in the 130-170gold range. So I have a decent markup and have been buying whiptail to sell the inferno ink and use blackfallow to turn into herbs.

    Decks dont sell high on my server. Hurricane deck is down to 11k and still not selling. Tsunami is the best but even it only sells at most for 24k and the prices just keep going down. The individual card prices rarely move and some have marked the card prices up to crazy numbers but based on undermine journal ...they are not selling.

    Anxious to see how this turns out.


  3. I'll be interested as well. I sunk about 100k into DMC cards the last time the fair came through, and have made about 40 back since then. Granted though, I've given away 3 cards to guildies, and have more than enough left to get my money back, but sales have been extremely difficult.

    I found that card prices were very variable every 2 days or so. I also found that trading was frequently quite profitable (and a fun game!). Selling cards was difficult though - I sold a few, but on the whole, those sales, especially of the expensive cards, were extremely few and far between--the majority of buyers primarily traded for and crafted what they wanted - prices were mostly a reflection of the number on the market rather than sales.

    The big problem I had was that I wasn't able to move half the volume I bought. I sold maybe 10 cards total, and completed about 8 trinkets, of which I've sold 2. I could cut prices a lot more, but even that hasn't been helping much, and starts making me nervous about my profit margins (which I didn't track like I should have).


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