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28 February 2011

7 guild levels in one day

Yes I really did it.  A ramble + recruitment ad first, then how.

A little while ago, I spend some times with a couple of guilds.  It didn't work out, and I restarted Arozcaldo, which at that stage was very nearly a level 2 guild.  Regardless of what players say, a level 1 or even level 2 guild is not that interesting to new recruits.  I also have the same issue, I like some of the guild perks that a roughly level 10 guild can provide.  I also want to have sufficient in-guild toons on a run for guild rep etc.

However, I also am insistant on certain behaviour.  Language should be PG, not R.  I expect a degree of politeness towards other players, even if they are struggling.  (Helping is fine; grinding them into the dirt is not - we have bosses to do that for us).

The only attendance criteria I have is that if you commit to something and can't make it: give your apologies ahead of time, or have a damn good excuse.  If you don't want to run on an evening, don't run.  If you want to bail 1/2 way through a run; bail.  Just don't bail mid pull.

Two days ago, I had two things that other players wanted. 
  • Raid leadership.  I am not the most successful player out there, but in Wrath, did complete all raids up to ICC, and even most of ICC with less than a year of once a week raiding.
  • Gold.  I could offer guild repairs, pay for guild competition prizes, and assist with bits and pieces.
I wanted to offer more, for both myself and other interested players.  How about a level 9 Guild, with
  • 15 minute hearthstone,
  • 10% XP bonus
  • 5% rep bonus, 
  • 20% less durability loss on death
All it took was gold (15k + cost of guild bank tabs) and resetting my personal guild rep.  Dark Prophecy started strongly, but had many toons move on.  I made an offer (in conjuncion with an ex guild member of Dark Prophecy - Voladan) for the guild, and purchased it. 

For the existing members of Dark Prophecy, I want you to stay.  You are what made your guild valuable.  I want you to continue in the guild.  You now have guild repairs as an additional perk. 

I am raiding Sat 8:45pm server time, and I am looking for guild raiders - whether or not you are in Dark Prophecy.  The same applies for casual raiders who would like a once a week schedule. Toons that want to do their own thing, be in a guild, but want to avoid /trade being repeated in /guild are also welcome.

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  1. I preferred my suggested title. "Guild leveling: The Goblin Way"


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