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29 July 2010

QA3 vs Auctioneer - Glyphs

I share the glyph market with another player - Wek.  I have a scribe with every glyph. Wek does not even have a scribe.  Instead of the traditional my glyph/your glyph market mix, Wek acts as a supplier of inks, and a commision seller of glyphs. 

Wek's role: buy all the herbs we need, and pay scribes (I think he keeps a stable of 3 or so) to mill and sells me the ink's for 2g.  I then cut the glyphs till we have at least 20 of each, which he then posts - again for a cut.

Using QA3, our preferred posting is (I think): post 3, 48 hours, with a range of 5-20g, 2g undercut.  Wek keeps 1/3 of the sale price, and I get the rest.  However, glyph prices do not stay stable.  Wek can post three times day, morning, mid afternoon and late evening.  I can only post twice a day - early & late evening.  With the extra posts, I am making a little more gold/day with a lot less effort.  Wek seems to make sufficient gold/hour.  We use altaholic's account information sharing to keep track of glyph and ink levels (and also gems from my last post).  I use skillet and ktq to craft the glyphs.

For me, ideally I will make about 400 glyphs/week, adjusting profit margins as needed.  This seems to be the amout of time I am comfortable crafting glyps. When first entering the market, I used a hard 3g sale price, and simply sold too many glyphs, not being able to find enough herbs or the recrafting time needed.  Wek being gold poor and time rich offered to help.  We tested various prices and found the 5-20g, 2g undercut pricing to be effective, until....   In the last two weeks I needed to craft 20 glyphs total.  That was it.  My ink stocks were skyrocketing (2500 inks, from 100 inks a fortnight ago) as I am currently buying all the 2g Ink of the Sea that I can get. 

Another seller Bankzoors (and maybe alts?), had come into the market with 1s undercut as soon as Wek logged out.  While I find that gems sell better for me, I still make enough gold from glyphs to be worth while.  So our response is a hard 3g sale price, Wek getting to sell me replacement inks, and I get the (tiny) profit from the glyphs.

The response was immediate.  Bankzoors started undercutting on many (but not all) glyphs, but whispered asking for a fair cut for everyone.  Yet another toon - Flagrante (maybe an alt but not sure) bought out all of a set of glyphs (seemed to be a grouped by name not class), and reposted for 50g.  We sold 400 glyphs.

400 glyps/day exceeds my preferred sell rate.  I would rather make more profit/craft time than I currently do.  So we will raise the price a little.  I find it amusing when we are bought out for resale, and will be posting many many more stacks, and trying to find additional time for posting.

By participating in this glyph war, we are still making gold.  Not as much easy gold/hour as I would like, but still profitable.  As we do not 'camp' the AH (and for my guidies - honest I dont), we can not match the cancel/repost cycle of those that do. A very deep undercut wall of glyphs will do the trick. 

For Bankzoors, a suitable counter strategy would be a cheaper wall of glyphs (say 2g50).  Keep that up and I will let you have the market, at least until you choose to raise the prices.

For Flagrante, are you willing to buy all the glyphs we are willing to sell?  Please help yourself.  I can mail them COD.  How many would you like?

In summary - for glyphs.
Selling glyphs is more complicated than selling gems.  I like QA3's ability to sell for my price range, and not sell if I am undercut.  Setting fixed prices on QA3 for a wide range of similar items (i.e. for all glyphs) is easier than on Auctioneer.

Coming soon: where I only use auctioneer.

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