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28 July 2010

QA3 and/or Auctioneer - Gems

In general, regardless of the tool, I always post in 48 hour postings, with a deep undercut model.  I am not on enough during the day, and when I am on, do not want to partipate in a cancel/repost process.

For epic and meta northrend gems, I have a 'buy price' and a 'sell price' per colour.  Both the buy and sell price drift according to supply and demand.  When I am low on a colour, I pay more and charge more.  When I have too many of a colour, I pay less and charge less.  In either instance, I move gems up or down in a 5-10g range.  My sell price is currently based on a range between MaximumBuyPrice + SmallMarkup, and MaximumBuyPrice + LargeMarkup.  I list 2 gems at a time.  My prefferred stock levels are between 40 & 80 uncut gems.  I do not post if I can't make my minium sell price.  I have most cuts, missing the many of the Hit + cuts.  I will sell uncut gems if I can make this profit.

For example - Eye of Zul
At the moment I am buying all Eye's of Zul for 80g.  My minimum 'profit' is 10g, and then I add the AH cut (5%), giving a minimum sell price of roughly 95g.  My maximum sell price includes a profit of about 60g, so (80+60) *1.05 is rougly 150g.  I use QA3 with a group containing all Eyes of zul (including uncut) post 2, no auto fallback, 95g-150g.

Gems are very cyclical in nature.  Often someone dumps 30 cheap uncut gems, then supply dries up for a fortnight.  A crafter dumps a cut below my price range, but leaves other cuts alone.  If they dump gems below my uncut buy price I will often buy them out.  I am currently selling 20-30 gems/day, more on the weekend.  The problem with my current strategy is that it is too simple. I post the same number of popular and unpopular gems.  I miss out on sales with not enough stock on the AH.  It redeems itself by being very quick.

I use auctioneer with a snatch list to buy gems.  I simply can not get enough gems from the AH at a price I am willing to pay. I also dislike the time commitments from advertising in trade.  My solution is that I have a guildy 'farm' the commumity for me.  He provides alchemists with mats, pays them a pittance, takes a cut and sells gems to me.  This still is not providing enough gems.  So now my guildy advertises in trade buying gems, and on-sells them to me at a small but guaranteed profit.  This latest approach is solving my supply issues.

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