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17 August 2011

What to make when you have made everything?

Wes over at capped by cata had the following question
What do I do to make gold when I have nothing to do to make gold? When I run out of things to mill/prospect/DE etc. When I'm waiting for things to sell on the AH when there is nothing else. Do you have any ideas? BS/JC/enchanting/alchemy/herb/mining. Running into this problem more and more as I run out of 4.2 stock, and its not efficient to buy raw mats off the AH.

I find the question useful, but Wes's advice - especially about holding your current prices ... curious.

There are a few forces at play :
  • Firelands dailies:
    • Massive cash injection causing inflation : Blizzard have inspired the masses to do dailies.  Lets say 17g * 15 dailies * 7 days/week = approx 1800g/week/toon.  Thats a lot of gold to be bringing into the economy as a whole.  It will take a lot to soak that up.  Soaking up surplus gold is what goblins do.
    • Less levelling of alts.  Questing and heroic running alts supply green and blue quality armor and weapons, which in turn are disenchanted into enchanting mats. 
  • Bot farming : Regardless of what your take on bot farming is, it is naive to think that 'that toon' that always lists thousands of herbs on the AH isn't a bot farmer.  It's also naive to think that your competitors are not buying those same herbs.  Bots create a fixed base supply of herbs and to a lesser degree ore and leather, regardless of demand.  Over time, there is downward pressure on the price of herbs, ore and leather.
  • Fireland trash runs.  Uggg.  Why deliberately clear trash and not fight bosses?  Oh well.  These supply nice BOE epic drops, that are then bought by wealthier toons - redirecting gold from goblins to less capable 'raiders'.
Keeping your same listing prices.(Wes's advice.).  Mine : Follow the market. While you have a stockpile to sell down at higher prices, do so. If mats + value of time is more than the price of finished goods on AH, then buy mats, craft then sell finished products.  Stockpile bargains that you think will go up in value; sell stock you think is overvalued, and take advantage of the higher prices.

Level 80+ toons without skills?  Get those tradeskills up.  For lower risk, higher profit options, I suggest:
  • Jewelcrafting : Prospecting, northrend epics and rares, and potentially even the northrend daily (~100g per dragon's eye from the token)
  • Inscription : Milling, and research based glyphs.  Some scribes (me) prefer to buy inks rather than grind their own.
  • Enchanting : Disenchanting
  • Alchemy : transmute master for northrend epic gems
Of course each tradeskill has cata sellable items (some before cata too), but JC and Inscription have the greatest choices in things to make, in turn making the greatest potential profit.

Farming? Maybe. If you can stomach it.  If all else fails, take up fishing.  Volatile fire sell for 10g/pop and can be fished from pools.  Also, you don't need a high fishing skill to fish from a pool either.

Of course, there is always first life.

You know it's a slow news day when bloggers are talking about other bloggers.

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  1. On my server, volatile waters are double the fires, plus. Of course it's a your-server-may-vary but I'd fish up water+fish before fire, which has gotten a massive dump thanks to the Molten Front dailies.


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