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13 August 2011

Competition for glyph sales on the Horde AH

My early morning horde AH glyph sales are now being camped.

This morning at 9:30 AM server, I was camped within minutes of posting glyphs.  Normally I dont have time in the mornings to take notice.  However, over the last week, my horde AH daily sales have dropped from around 2.5 k in sales/posting cycle down to 800g/posting cycle, and then a mere 100g.

This morning, being Saturday, I checked.

My historical defence against camping was deep undercut.  At the suggestion of Breevok, I moved to a early morning posting cycle instead, using time to protect my auctions. 

I don't camp.  First life requirements prevent me from being able to do this.  With being camped immediately using time to protect sales is no longer an option.  This leaves me with my previous defense - the deep undercut.

I am trying to make sales.  A 100g - 48hour undercut will encourage people to buy from me instead. 

I know that their fallbacks are lower than mine.  For most glyphs I post at a minimum of 20g.  Others are posting at a minimum lower than that.  I am content for my competition to have the low value glyph sales.

I will still make more profit at these levels than I would by not making any sales at all.


  1. My server's general fallback is about 200-250g. I used to always undercut by 5g regardless of what the listed price was. However, I wasn't selling those high priced glyphs because I would just get undercut all night anyway. So I lowered my own fallback to 50g. Anything that was listed above that, I automatically brought down to 50g. I sold a HELL of a lot more glyphs that way. Half the time it was the campers themselves who were buying out my 50g glyphs to attempt a reset.

    I am quite content selling a lot of glyphs in the 20-50g range. I'll let the campers fight over the ones outside that bracket.

  2. It's not just you, Foo. I came back from vacay to list glyphs, and by the time I had listed 100, many of them had been undercut by two people. But one guy in particular seems to be just sitting around and PvPing in the AH.

    Unsportsmanlike, if you ask me. Sliver undercutting that fast deserves an 80g haircut down to 18g, which is what I did in some cases.

  3. *giggles* Yeah I saw it coming a few weeks ago Foo... He'll get bored. Trust me.


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