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25 August 2011

AFK, still making gold

First life interferes.  Mostly good, but I have spent a fair amount of time /afk.

My routine still involves posting 12 hour glyphs many mornings, on each AH, collecting the sales and unsold glyphs in the evening.  I am way way behind in my crafting, but as I have not had time to solve that, still making 1.5k (profit) per AH per morning I can get to the PC is worth it.

Gem sales are also pleasantly reliable. 
  • Log onto sales alt, collect mail, pick up 2-3k in sales, and yesterday's crafted gems.  Post 48 hour auctions.
  • log onto JC, do the stormwind daily, and re-craft gems, and mail gems.
Two of my recent interests require significant amounts of volatile life, (One interest is the darkmoon faire series I have recently been blogging about).  Volatile life is stubbornly high alliance side (10-30g each) with limited supply, and significantly cheaper horde side (8g) with larger supply.  On a seemingly unrelated note , my horde toon is richer in assets and poorer in cash.

For me, there is no question that 'time is money'.  However even small amounts of time can be significant amounts of gold.


  1. Is there no one else posting glyphs and gems on your server? I can post both first thing in the morning and come back an hour later to find myself undercut by at least 2 or 3 people on every sale I posted.

  2. Glyph posting - Horde side: What appears to be single player with two accounts, posts once in the morning, and then camps after school till bed - 7 days a week, and all weekend.

    Glyph posting - Alliance side : several players posting mostly after school, then even more after work. Not many posts in the morning. A smatering of posts over the weekend.

    Gem posting - Alliance side : No idea when the competition posts, but it isn't immediate camping.

    The other trick is breadth of posting. Many scribes don't have or sell every available glyph. Similarly many JC's don't have or sell every gem cut, or entirley miss out on the exceptionally profitable northrend market.


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