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19 August 2011

Transmogrification again instead of real news

I'm not great at 'cool'.  Too old, too results driven, and I normally don't care.

Transmogrification is about 'cool'.  The blue trackers are still going ape.  It has caused more excitement than, ... well the real id changes, but this time for 'good'.

Blizzard are confirming that to change your own gear's look, you need to have that gear.  Some gear that is unobtainable on your toon (eg Death Knight starter gear).

Many readers of gold blogs won't care about it.  Many players that wish to be parted from their gold will care a lot.  I'm surprised I haven't read a rant from Gevlon about the type of player who will care.

Regardless, old raids will become popular once this is released, with associate changes.  Players making or buying old gear.  Players incidentally farming those raids, selling what they farmed on the AH.  I also expect to see a reduced supply of high end disenchanted items as players start dumping them old gear store.

In terms of research, as a follow up on my recent darkmoon card series, I am writing a follow up on what cards, decks and trinkets I bought and sold or continued to hold.  However, you won't get it untill the next darkmoon faire.  Some readers expect me to make a fortune.  Others expect me to lose one.  The reality should be somewhere in the middle.


  1. For the Darkmoon, I sold 2 x Volcano at ~ 8,000g, one earthquake at 3,500g, my 2 reamining tsunami and 2 hurricane decks aren't listed because the other sellers are udercutting like crazy.

    I also gave one tsunami to my brother meaning I ja 3 when I was done.

  2. I agree. Transmogrification is nothing more than a new WoW gold sink designed to pull gold out of the economy. Well, pull gold away from Socials and people who actually care about what their character looks like.


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