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18 August 2011

Transmogrification an opportunity for profit.

Transmogrification is all the rage on the blue forum trackers (sites that track posts of official blizzard representatives)

I'm a packrat.  I like the idea of somewhere to store that armor that I'm likely to never use (eg PVP, DPS). 
I won't be changing the look of my gear (maybe with the exception of rediculous plate shoulders), but many others will be.

This means a market for unusual (i.e. old) armour and weapons, as cosmetically oriented players 'gotta catch em all', both in terms of crafted goods as well as paterns.  Tailors, Leatherworkers and Blacksmiths with old rare patterns - rejoice.  Gather your mats of the AH now while the are cheap.  When this goes live, make your goods, and maybe even get your social guildy to dance around in Stormwind/Origmar with the 'retro' look.

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  1. I was considering the reaction to transmog too. Recently bought some new tier plate shoulders for 20k and was just going to relist and sell for about 7k more. But with the news of the xmog I begin to think about the shoulders being the most visible piece. I think that maybe people will not care so much about upgrading gear anymore. If a player who is worried about looks performs okay without the shoulders and can just xmog a good look without spending alot of money on something like those new tier shoulders.


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