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29 August 2011

Kaliope on transmogrification

I love Kaliope's blog (kaliope.crafterstome.com).  She doesn't write much, but when she does, it's worth reading.  She not only consistently is in the lead of researching upcoming tradeskill changes, and appears to understand 'cool'.

Please note: I don't do cool (or DPS either).  Many AH goblins can't or won't do it either.  This should not stop you from having a theoretical knowledge of an upcoming market. 

She has written up a post Transmogrification and Leatherworking, well worth the read.  She is not on all of the 'main' blogrolls running around, but worth the read, especially if you have leatherworking.  She has said that tailoring is next on her todo list.

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  1. Someone with an unfortunate name/link posted the following comment.

    Saw this one too! and i like that black dragonscale. leatherworking is not my forte but I've always searched for different tips that I can get. The more the better.

    I will remove comments for names that point to gold selling sites.


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