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06 August 2011

Pugs get defender of a shattered realm

Friday night was a good night, though it started very slowly.

I ran my gold bid run to complete Chogall, starting off short by 1 Healer, and 1 Tank (and a couple of DPS).

I had an interesting pair offer to Tank and DPS.  Gemmed but unenchanted.  Didn't have Vent (which I use).  Reforged PVP gear. "Why do I need to download another program?  How much does it cost? Are you sure this isn't a scam?"   Umm.  Thanks for signing up, but I think you need to start at an earlier boss. /kick

I picked up another tank and dps toon.  Unlike last week, we hit Chogall's phase 2 with only 30 corruption accross all toons - so much eaiser to heal than the previous week starting phase 2 with 350+ corruption, and one shot him.  Swapped a couple of toons out that needed to go, and one shot both of Throne of the Four winds.  I had never downed Al'Akir before, but the Conclave of Winds was so much more forgiving than I remember (including forgiving a mistake of mine that would have guaranteed a wipe when I first went there).

Last night my healer foofixied achieved Defender of a Shattered World.

Very happy.  I have no doubt that the nerf bat helped us down the raid.  I also have no doubt that offering a minimum gold pot gold bid run meant we got a few higher callibre players than we otherwise would have.

Then we swapped both players and roles, including me swapping my healer for my tank, and we went to BWD and didn't down Magmaw.  Oh well.

So, I'm off to firelands.  I've been happy with the results of the gold bid runs with guaranteed pots, so will continue with that method for the time being. 

If you are interested, invites will go out slightly earlier at 8:15 pm (though confirmed players have untill 8:30) As always, either in game mail foofixit on Alliance Caelestrasz, or leave a comment here.

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  1. Well done Foo, see you don't need me. You just need a bigger pocket book.


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