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31 August 2011

Sometimes Addons interfere with goldmaking

I love my addons.  Inventory management, keyboard binding, threat monitoring, encounter warnings, buff management, heads up displays, friends syncing, non-friend ignoring, crafting management, AH management, healing trackers, dps trackers.  I even have an addon to manage my addons. 

For some things however, they just slow things up. Too much lag can be a sign that your addons are interfering. The other night I had a full set of inscription bags with pigments to turn into ink.  Even though this part of inscription is an AFK, it was taking forever.  The crafting bar would 'stutter'; Appear, pause for a long time, and immediately jump to 'finished'.  Rinse and repeat. 

Log out, disable all addons, log back in again, and craft inks with an unmodified UI.  Much faster and smoother, saving in the order of 0.75 seconds per ink made.  Not a deal breaker but certainly worth considering.

Question for the day:  I know that the chef's hat changes time for cooking.  I know that haste changes your global cooldown and combat 'cast time'.  Does haste change your crafting 'cast time'?


  1. It doesn't. My priest has 12% haste, but netherwave bags craft time is still 15 sec. :(

  2. I have had TSM and Gnomewerks both interfere in arena. Completely locked me up playing against same faction. I assume the mods were trying to read the other players trade skills.

  3. Hi, Foo. Do you use Addon Control Panel? Get rid of it. If you use it, the files that store addon settings will get randomly wiped when you DC from WoW.


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